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375 F to 500 F
The filler metals used for soldering usually melt as a temperature range of:
Lower than
The melting point of the filler metal used for soldering or brazing must be ___________ the two metals that are being joined.
Allways contains lead
Which of the following is not a characteristic of the filler metal (solder) used for soldering?
95% tin, 4% antimony
The most commonly used solder for refrigeration tubing consists of:
Indicate the temperature of the metal
Which of the following is not a characteristic of both soldering and brazing fluxes?
1,200 F to 1,550 F
The filler metals used for brazing usually melt at a temperature range of:
2,000 psig
The oxygen cylinder used with oxyacetylene heating equipment contains oxygen stored at a pressure of about:
15 psig
When using oxyacetylene heating equipment for brazing, the acetylene regulator should never be adjusted to supply a pressure higher than:
The _____________ flame is used for almost all brazing applications.
To safely purge tubing while brazing, the tubing should be purged with: