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Cultural Deprivation

Inadequate socialising of wc and black pupils leads to them lacking the right culture, needed for educational success, 3 main factors are:


-Attitudes and values

-Intellectual development


Found the way mothers think about and choose toys has an influence on their child's intellectual development. Mc mothers choose toys that stimulate thinking and reasoning skills and prepare them for skl

EVALUATION: Blackstone + mortimore it's not due to this but but wc parents missing out on parents evening due to work commitments

Language: Bernstein

Restricted code (spoken by wc fams, short sentences, lack of vocab, gestures and not analytical)

Elaborated code ( mc fams, grammatically complex sentences, context free and analytical) giving mc's a advantage in skl as the elab code is spoken by teachers, exmas etc.

EVALUATION: it doesn't explain why wc girls do better than wc boys


Douglas found wc parents place less value on education, are less ambitious for their children and took less interest in their education.

EVALUATION: Keddie aruges cultural Deprivation is a myth, a child cannot be deprived of its own culture. They fail the education system is dominated by middle-class values

Bourdieu - cultural educational and economic capital

-Cultural capital gives middle class children in advantage as it allows them to cross analyse and express abstract ideas, allowing them to understand what the education system demands

-Economic capital allows mc parents to pay for private schools an extra tuition. Also Leech and Campos found mc parents are mire likely to be able to afford a housr in the catchment area of a skl that is highly placed on the exam league table

EVALUATION: Sullivan found mc pupils who had the same cultural capital as wc pupils still did better. Suggesting greater resources and aspirations of mc familes explain the remainder of class gap in achievement.

Gerwitz - marketisation + parent choice
Privileged skilled chooser- mc parents used economic and cultural capital to their advantage they knew how the admissions system worked, they visit schools and researched options available.
Disconnected local choosers were wc parents whose choice was restricted by lack of economic and cultural capital they would attach most importance to safety and quality of school facilities, distance and cost of travel with major restrictions on their choice of school
Semi-skilled choosers -mainly wc they were ambitious for their children however a lack of cultural capital made it difficult for them to make sense of education market, they rely on others opinions and were frustrated are the inability to get their children into schools they wanted
-Nearly 90% of failing schools are located in depreived areas
-Howard notes poorer homes have lower intakes of energy, poor nutrition affects health, resulting in pupils missing days off skl


Wc subculture has 4 key features that act as a barrier to educational success:

-Fatalism: a belief in fate - there's nothing you can do to change your status. In contrast mc emphasise that you can change your status thorough effort

-Collectivism: valueing being part of a group more than succeeding as a individual.

-Immediate gratification: seeking pleasure now rather than making sacrifices in order to get rewards in the future

-Present time orientation: seeing the present as more important than the future and so not having long term goals or plans