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Women expect more from marriage than men


Higher expectations is a major cause of rising divorce rates

Feminists about women work

Women work a 'tripple shift'

Robert chester

Cohabitation is part of the process of getting married

Joan chandler

40% end in divorce

Ansley (marxist fem)

Women are the takers of ****

Delphy & leonard

Wives contribute more to family life than men, no role reveral

Willmott & young

"Does your husband help you at least once a week" 85% = yes, biased

Philippe Aries

Little adults

Aries & shorter

March of progress

Hockey & James

Act up - act down

What percentage of single parents are women


Chester (the neo-conventional family)

Nuclear but both work, both play 'breadwinner' role

Judith stacey

Family diversity is a reflection of post-modern society


More choice & equality now