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What are the key concepts of political science?
Government, power, policy, political parties, regulation
The science of behavior and mental processes
Key concepts of psychology
Attitudes, perception, cognitive thought, emotion, meaning
The systematic study of the development, structure, and funciton of human groups conceived as processes of interaction or as organized patterns of collective behavior.
Key concepts of sociology
Social institutions, Social groups, social values, social organizations, communities
The complex of a community and its environment functioning as an ecological unit in nature.
Ecosystem Management
Seeks to integrate scinetific knowledge of ecological relationships whithin a complex and value-based socio-political framework to protext ecosystem integrity over the long term.
A collection of buyers and sellers that interact, resulting in the possibility for exchange.
In a competitive market, market price determines the value of the good being sold to buyers.
Interest Rate
A price that borrowers pay lenders to use their funds. Determined by the supply and demand of these loanable funds.
Benefit-cost analysis
A decision making tool which assesses any decision in terms of the benefits and costs of doing each alternative. A ration is developed that needs to be at least greater than 1 to assume economic viability.
Political Science
Systematic efforts to explain how individual values are coalesced into communal values and imposed on members of society as a whole.
What does political science involve?
The conflict, debate, power, and authority in the determination of acceptable social values and behavior.
What is the definition of Economics?
Study of how society allocates and values scarce resources.
What are key concepts of economics?
Markets, Price, Interest Rate, and Benefit-cost analysis.