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Economic system in which individuals or corporations own land and means of production. Capitalist societies encourage competition and personal profit.


This political and economic system advocates equal labor and equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. However according to Frederick Engels' "principles of communism, " the system is more militant than socialism.

Socialists believe capitalism causes..

Oppression of the lower class.

Socialists believe that due to the competitive nature of capitalism..

The wealthy minority maintains control of industry, effectively driving down wages and opportunity for the working class.

The main goal of socialism is to..

Dispel class distinctions by turning over control of industry to the state. This results in a harmonious society, free of oppression and financial instability.

Soviet dictator Vladimir llyich Lenin was the first leader to

Put socialism to the test in the soviet union after his takeover in 1917. He implemented many socialist initiatives including forced nationalization of industry and collectivization of agriculture.

The socialist party of America was formed in

1901 when the socialist labor party merged with the social Democratic Party.

By 1912 the socialist party of America had more than __ members


The socialist party of America's growth in the US was massively hindered in 1917 when the government...

Enacted the Espionage Act

The Espionage Act originated out of the government's fear of..

The communist way of life--fear incited by the bloody Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which resulted in many millions of deaths and the complete overthrow of the Russian government.

The Espionage Act encouraged..

Patriotism above all else and made it illegal to publicly oppose involvement in World War I


The transfer of industry or private property to the control of the government

Europe saw a rise in democratic socialism after..

World War I. Socialist parties became active in the governments of Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain.

The socialist labor partys membership in the US plummeted in the 1950s because..

Supporters of socialism became wary of associating with the controversial communist system.

Any program that calls for the redistribution of wealth can be considered socialist. Socialist programs include..

The tax that the US imposes on citizens to support the welfare system, which provides aid to financially unstable citizens, healthcare systems like medicare and Medicaid