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What were the Ottawa good at doing?
Fishing and they settled near Lake Michigan
How do we think the first people came to Michigan?
They walked across a Beringia from Asia
Which tribe lived in the U.P. ?
Name the three fires
Chippewa, Ottawa, Potawatami
A low bowl- shaped area surrounded by higher land
How was Michigan formed?
Glaciers moved slowly over the land carving out basins and forming rivers, lakes, sand dunes, etc.
The study of the earth and the way people live on it and use it.
The five Great Lakes
Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron
Who were the first Michiganians?
Paleo indians, Old Copper People and the Mound Builders
Largest city in the Upper peninsula
Longest river in Michigan
Grand River-about 260 miles long
Natural Resources found in Michigan
Forests, Copper, Iron, Salt
Highest point in Michigan
Mt. Arvon
Name the two mountain ranges in Michigan
Huron Mountains and the Porcupine Mountains
The time before writing was invented
What is a region?
A region is an area with common features that set it apart from other areas. (upper and lower peninsulas)
Landforms are:
A feature of the Earth's surface like a valley or Mountain
What are Manitous?
Spirits that the indians believed in (earth, plants, animals)