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Explain every component of internal analysis




Competitive advantage

Strategic Competitiveness

How does foreseing the problem of conformitry bash textbook knowledge

8 assumption. re freezing > Defreezing using five alternative Approaches.

Moral of the story

Refreezing> Defreezing

Open our minds to different strategies

Social beliefs>Economic rationality

Independent critcal thinking>Highly analyitical thinking

Corporate governance: role of the Board of directors

1. Set corporate strategy

2. Hire and fire CEO and top management

3. Control monitor and supervise

4. Review and aproove use of resources

5. Care for shareholder interests.

3 benefits of good corporate governance

1. Better Performance in long run

2. reduce risk of getting into trouble

3. can tackle major strategic issues

Role of top management

1) Provide leadership and strategic vision

2)manage the strategic planning process

Stewardship theory

Company interests long term survival > shareholder interests

Agency theory

relationship between agents and principles

1) when theirs conflict between desires

2) different attitude towards risks.

Kicking the habbit: Why Family>publicly traded companies

created more jobs

employ more % of work force

majority of public companies

non family can create dicrepencies, they are a minority

More sustainable and moral so they should be more taught frequently

4 Cs of family business





HBR vision for building company vision

First to core vision and values (CORE ideology)

Second to consistently adapt company strategy to changes (envision the future)

uses picture of mountain to add words to the picture

Hustle as a strategy

vigor and nimbleness> Strategic planning

Errecting barriers usually don't last

play cards not chess: focus internally rather than competitors

Manager's role: Sustain the hustle, Recruit hustlers, measure risk