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Gauge distance of speciment

5.65 sqft (A)

Modulus of toughness

The amount of work required per unit volume to cause failure

Modulus of resilience

The energy stored per unit volume at elastic limit

Relationship with elastic constants

Independent elastic constants for isotropic , orthotropic and anisotropic material

Isotropic -2

Orthotropic- 9

Anisotropic - 21

Change in length for uniformly tapering section

Deformation due to self weight of body alone

Change in length for tapering rectangular section

Volumetric strain

Modulus of resilience and modulus of toughness from stress strain graph

1,Modulus of resilience - Area under stress strain diagram upto elastic limit.

2.Modulus of toughness - Area under stress strain graph upto failure

Plane stress and plane strain examples

Plane stress - Thin members

Plane strain - Retaining walls

Normal and shear stress on a plane

Principal stresses and position of planes

Maximum value of shear stress and it's plane

Radius of gyration

CG of trapezoid

From b

A beam of rectangular section is cut from a circular log of dia d then ratio of h to b for max sextion

Shear stress distribution

Max shear stress for rectangular, circular , triangular and diamond section

Diamond -9/8

Torsion eqn

Max power transmitted by circular shaft

Angle of twist

Power transmitters by shaft

N is in rpm

Maximum normal stress and shear stress in case of combined bending and torsion case

Strain energy due to torsion

Moment on fixed support due to sinking of loads

Moment on fixed support due to angular rotation of support

Shear centre of channel

Deflection of closed coil helical spring

Shape factor for different sections

Length of plastic zone for concentrated load and udl

Modular ratio in working stress method