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How does sitecore define a type of item (data schema)?


Why do we set icons on our templates?

So authors can easily identify items that use that template.

What is the default base template for all templates?

Standard Template

How do we make our changes appear on the live website?


What is xManagement?

The CMS part of sitecore.

What is the preferred way to modify the web.config?

Using .config files in App_config/Include

In what order are these changes (config patches) added by default?

Alphabetically by file name

How can you change order of .config file modifications?

Using <loadOrder>

What is stored in a Sitecore package?



What item setting needs to be specified for authors to be able to add content?

Insert Options.

Where are the default field values defined?

On the Template Standard Values item

What is the difference between Shared and Unversioned fields?

Shared is across all versions, unversioned is language specific

What is the recommended practice for setting Insert options?

Insert Options are set on the Template Standard Values

What setting determines whether or not an item can be viewed in the browser?

Presentation Details

What is the scaffolding of your presentation?


How do you register a layout with sitecore?

Create a layout definition item

What is the main DLL for developing in sitecore?


What are the two most common components in Sitecore MVC?

-View Renderings

-Controller Renderings

What is the difference between a view rendering and a controller rendering?

Controller renderings follow the MVC pattern more closely

What do you need to create to enable Dynamic Binding?

A placeholder

What parts of the page are typically added using Static Binding?

Scaffolding (headers and footers, ect)

What part of presentation details applies to all versions of an item?

Shared Layout

What is the name of the two fields that store presentation details?


_Final Renderings

Why would you use Dynamic Placeholders?

To reuse a component containing placeholders

What happens if you try to reuse a component containing a non-dynamic placeholder?

Anything added to that placeholder is duplicated

What property automatically prompts a user to choose a data source when adding a component in the Experience Editor?

Datasource Location

What two things does the Datasource Template do?

-Restricts datasource selection by type

-Grants access to Create New Content

How would you modify properties of a Dynamic Placeholder?

Using the Rendering Parameter ph_<placeholderkey>_<propertyname>

What does the Item Resolver do?

Maps the URL to an item in the Content Tree

How would you retrieve the URL of an item?

Using LinkManager.GetItemUrl()

What type of object does the GetChildren() method return?


Why would you not use Axes.GetAncestors() when retrieving items?

Poor performance when retrieving a large number of items?

When would you use a Field's Source?

To supply extra information to a field based on the Field's type such as options for:






What would you use to render the contents of an Image, Text, Date, or Link field?

The Render() method

What Sitecore.Data.Fields namespace class would you use with a treelist field?


After rendering the contents of Treelist field, how would you enable authors to easily edit that field in the Experience Editor?

Create an Edit Frame with a Field Editor button

What is the biggest challenge when you post forms with Sitecore MVC?

Having multiple controllers invoked in the same page request. Only one of them should handle the post.

Why should you not create or modify items directly on the Web Database?

If the changes only exist on the Web Database, they will be lost during the next publish operation.

What three pieces of information do you require to create an item?


-Template ID

-Location (parent node)

What is the difference between a Profile Card and a Pattern Card?

A Profile Card is assigned to content. A Pattern Card is assigned to a visitor.

What do you need to do to support the use of Personalization?

Componetize the page and use Data Sources whenever possible

Why is Engagement Value so important?

It measure the quality of the visitor traffic rather than simply the quantity. Other xDB tools use visitor's Engagement Value, such as Multivariant Tests.

What two search providers does Sitecore ship with by default?


-Azure Search

You are retrieving a large number of items using Axes.GetDescendant. what is a better alternative?

Use Sitecore.ContentSearch API

What happens when an item inside a bucket is not bucketable?

The item is not hidden, it appears as a normal child item.

Name some methods that are not supported by Sitecore's implementation of IQueryable<T>




What happens if a role denied an access right and another allows it?

It is denied

How can you check the effective permission of an account?

Using the Access Viewer

What are two consequences if an item version is not in the final workflow state?

-There is no automatic versioning

-That version is not publishable

List the benefits of participating in the Sitecore Community?

-Complete, reusable sample modules can be found on the Sitecore Marketplace and used in your own projects.

-Free 24/7 from a global community including Sitecore Employees, Certified Devs, and MVPs.

-Active contributors can become Sitecore MVPs. This gives you a lot of Sitecore-related benefits

How can you make it easier to communicate with Sitecore Support?

Use the Support Package Generator from the Sitecore Marketplace

Why would you script your build process when you develop with Sitecore?

To achieve automated, repeatable builds

Why is it easier to work outside the webroot when it comes to deployment?

It is easier to manage files that need to be deployed and configure deployment to multiple Sitecore installations.

How should you persist your items in source control?

By serializing them. How they are serialized depends on the tools you have at your disposal.