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Name two key components that make up Sitecore XP

Experience CMS, and marketing platform

Name some of the sites that you can refer to for more information and module downloads

SDN,Knowledge Base, Marketplace, Sitecore XP 8, Sitecore XP 8 Documents

What should you do before contacting support?

Refer to HelpDesk best practices

What are your responsibilities as a developer?

Build according to recommended practices

Name three Sitecore interfaces

Desktop, Content Editor, Experience Editor

Everything in Sitecore is an...


An item is not a...


An item's URL is determined by...

Its position in the Content tree

Name the process by which items are synchronized between the master and web database


Which Experience Editor mode would you use to add a new component

Designing mode

Which Experience Editor mode would you use to add an image or edit text?

Editing mode

When a request comes in, Sitecore...

Maps URL to an item in the content tree and dynamically assembles presentation

Name the three databases that are installed by default

master, web, and core

Name some foundation features that Sitecore provides out of the box

Content versioning, multi-language support, devices (adaptive design) support

What is the name of the digital marketing management part of the Experience Platform that collects and aggregates contact information?

xDB (or Experience Database)

An item's type is determined by the ______ used to create it.

Data template

What is an item composed of?

Field sections and fields

What do you need to specify when creating a new field?

Field name and type

In the Content Editor, where can you find out which data template an item is based on?

Quick Info section on that item

Some examples of field types are...

Single-Line Text, Rich Text, Image, Date

In which scenario would you use data template inheritance?

When fields are repeated in multiple data templates

Why is it important to think of your data template creation and inheritance structure from the beginning?

Refactoring template inheritance may cause data loss

By default, all data templates eventually inherit from which Sitecore data template?

Standard Template

What happens if the same field section name is used in multiple templates in a data template's inheritance tree?

- The field sections will merge

- Fields will be listed under this single section

What happens if the same field name is used in two separate inherited data templates?

- Fields do not merge

- Both fields will appear

- Best to avoid reusing the same field names

Describe the standard values item

- Always named __StandardValues

- Child item of owning data templates

- Is a special instance of an item --contains all inherited fields

What type of settings can be applied to standard values?

Default field values, default insert Options, default presentation, default Workflow

What are the two types of default field values?

Dynamic (uses tokens) and Static.

How do tokens work?

Tokens are replaced when an item is created. For example, there are tokens for the name of the item or the ID of the parent item.

Name three tokens:

Any three of the following:

$name, $date, $id, $parentid, $parentname, $time, $now, $date

What are the Insert Options?

A list of item types (data templates) that can be created under a specific item.

Where should Insert Options be configured?

On the data template's standard values which can be overriden at item level.

Why is it a good idea to configure Insert Options on standard values?

All items using that data template will have the same Insert Options.

What are presentation details?

Configuration that determines what an item looks like when requested by the browser.

Describe how Sitecore resolves a page in comparison to a static HTML site.

Normally, a URL points to an HTML file. In Sitecore, a request maps to an item and the page is dynamically assembled from smaller pieces.

What is the name of the main Sitecore .dll?


What happens if you do not set Copy Local to False for you Sitecore.Kernel reference?

Some dll's in bin folder will be deleted and you will need to get the full set from another installation to continue working.

In a Sitecore context, what is the name give to an .aspx file?

A Layout

How is a Layout definition item connected to a Layout file?

The Path field on the Layout definition item points to the location of the .aspx file.

How do you configure an item's presentation details in Sitecore Rocks?

Right-click->Tasks->Design Layout or CTRL+U. You can also use Commandy

How many Layouts can you assign to a single item?

One -- Per Device

Name three different types of Sitecore components

Sublayout, XSLT rendering, web control

What type of file is a Sitecore Sublayout?


A component consists of a file on the file system and...

A definition item in Sitecore

How does a component definition item where to find the associated file?

By a Path field on the definition item

What are the benefits of dynamic binding?

- New page types can be assembled from existing components

- Changes to page structure do not require a developer

- Supports content re-use (more in Module 5)

- Supports Sitecore's personilization and testing features

What is the Sitecore control thatallows you to dynamically bindcomponents to a page?


What is the Sitecore control tostatically include Sublayouts on apage?


Describe the process by which acomponent is bound to aplaceholder?

Open presentation details -> AddRendering -> select rendering -> EditPlaceholderKey property

Name the property that youmust set on a placeholder toidentify it.


If all items of a particular typerequire a particular component,where should these presentationdetails be configured?

On the standard values of the datatemplate

What type of components mightbe good candidates for staticbinding?

Page scaffolding, like headers andfooters

Name three specialized Sitecorefield controls

, ,

How can Sitecore help you resizeimages dynamically?

Set MaxWidth and/or MaxHeight onthe sc:Image tag

Name the one mandatoryproperty that must be specifiedon the Sitecore web controls


(note: on , the equivalent is FieldName)

Sitecore Namespaces

Sitecore.Data – CRUD operations, item manipulation

Sitecore.Context – Information about current request

Sitecore.Links – Links management

Useful in-built utilities

• Sitecore.DateUtil

• Sitecore.IO.FileUtil

• Sitecore.StringUtil

• Sitecore.UIUtil

• Sitecore.MainUtil

In which .dll can you find themajority of the API?


When Sitecore makes a request,what is the name of the staticclass that is assembled?


Name four properties that youmight get from Sitecore.Context:

Context user, language, database and item.

When you are looking at a pagein Experience Editor mode, whatis the context database?


Name the method used toretrieve items?


Items can be retrieved by pathor…


What does theSitecore.Context.Item.Databaseproperty return in the context ofa live website visitor?


How should you compare twoitems in code?

Using their IDs

What method do you use toretrieve an item’s URL?


Why should you not useGetDynamicUrl() for your site’sfront end?

Unreadable ‘developer’ URL, uses IDs

What object can you pass intothe GetItemUrl() method tocustomize the way your item’sURL is rendered?

A UrlOptions object

Where can you customize howURLs are rendered globally?

In the LinkManager section of theweb.config

Sitecore security is an extension of...

Standard .NET membership

All code is executed in the context of...

The current user

What affects whether or not a piece of code will run?

That user's permissions

What permissions does extranet\anonymous lack by default?

Permission to create or edit items

When creating or editing an item, the code must be executed with the appropriate security rights. Name two ways that this can be done.

UserSwitcher or SecurityDisabler

How do you put an item into an editing state?

Creating an EditContext

Why should you create / edit items in the master rather than the web database?

Web overwritten by publish.

Why is it a bad idea to output afield’s value straight to thescreen?

Not editable in Experience Editor andcomplex fields contain custom XML

Which field types are suitable forediting using the .Valueproperty?

Simple text fields. For example,Single-Line Text

Why should you use FieldRenderer.Render()?

• Transforms field content into valid HTML – Sitecore controls ultimately go through thismethod

• Automatically makes fields editable in Experience Editor

• Allows you to pass in parameters that match the ones available in Sitecore controls –for example: image max width

• Translates dynamic links in Rich Text Editor fields into SEO-friendly URLs

Why is it a bad idea to output rawvalues to the screen?

Not editable in Experience Editor,complex field types will not makesense – images, for example

Name the best suited field objectfor the following field types:single-line text, treelist, droplink,general link:

Field, MultilistField, ReferenceField,LinkField

What method should you use torender the contents of text, date,image and link fields to the screen(and why)?

FieldRenderer.Render() – ExperienceEditor support, transforms customXML, transforms Rich Text links

Why are you unable to render amultilist field to the page using.Render()?

It contains IDs, not readable content

Setting a component Datasourceallows that component to _____.

Output content from a content itemelsewhere in the tree

How can you force a Sitecorecontrol to output the content ofan item’s Datasource?

Set DataSource or Item property

What do parameters allow youto do?

Allow properties to be set perinstance of a component

How are parameters encodedwhen sent to your component?

As a URL query string, that is:key1=value1&key2=value2

What utility converts parameterlists to a NameValueCollection?


Why would you set the Datasourcefor a component on thepresentation details of an item?

When that Datasource should only beused on a particular page

Why would you set thecomponent and the Datasourceon the standard values’presentation details?

When you want all items based on aparticular template to have thatcomponent with that particularDatasource as default

Why would you set the component on the standard values and override the Datasource on the item?

When your component has to appearon every page but has a differentDatasource for a particular page

When does a layout delta getcreated?

When presentation coming from thestandard values of an item’s templateis overridden on that item.

How does the XML of a layoutdelta differ from the XMLspecified on a template’sstandard values?

Layout deltas only containdifferences between an item’sstandard value presentation and anychanges made by the author on theitem.

The standard value XML contains allpresentation details.

What can you do with methodsthat could be used acrossmultiple Sitecore projects?

Abstract code to a generic utilities project

Why can’t you preview itemsunder Global?

They do not have presentation details

Why is the Settings item outside any individual site folder structure?

Values shared across all sites

What kind of content can you display using a General Widget?

Promotions, announcements –anything that could be re-used across the site

Name 2 devices you may want to target with different presentation details:

Tablets and mobiles

When will Sitecore use the language attribute of the site definition in the web.config?

If there is no explicit language in the URL nor a language cookie.

How do visitors to your site change the site’s language?

You have to build language switching for the front-end yourself – using a query string, for example

What kind of error checking should you do when rendering items to the screen?

Check that each item has a version in the context language

What are some important considerations with a multi-site implementation?

Large codebase, sites affect each others’ performance - see Multi-site slide for more

Which shared field is used to store presentation information for all versions of an item?

__Renderings field

What does the presence of the__Final Renderings field allows an author to do?

To define individual presentation details for each version of an item

Which item versions can have individual presentations defined on them

Numbered and language versions of an item

How do you access the Layout Details window for each item?

In Content Editor or Experience Editor click the Details command. In Sitecore Rocks choose Tasks ->Design Layout

What is the difference between the Shared Layout tab versus the Final Layout tab of the Layout Details window?

The Shared Layout tab is for defining presentation details for all versions of an item while the Final Layout tab focuses on the presentation detail of that specific version of the item.

What will .return?

The context item.

Name two axes available in Sitecore query:

ancestor-or-self::, parent::

Why shouldn’t you query theentire content tree?

Expensive – particularly if you are iterating through all descendants

Unless you are doing a verysimple query on a very limitedarea of your Sitecore tree, whatshould you use instead?

Sitecore search