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Manifest destiny

Was the belief that united states was to spread it's boarders from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean

Transcontinental railroad

Was constructed mainly using immigrants labor (Irish Italian Chinese)

Mountain men

Trapping for beaver pelts initiated the American movement to the west.


A meeting between the trappers and traders to exchange the pelts for supplies kept the flow of information about the west to the east

Oregon trial

We're used by settlers in the move west

Fleeing religious prosecution

In the east members of the lds church also known as Mormon migrated west and settled in Utah

Stephen f. Austin

Led many American farmers into the Spanish land called Tejas to establish a colony there

Texas revolution

Was caused by differing views between the Americans in Texas and Mexican government

The Mexican American war

Disputes over the Texas border led to a clash between Mexican and me Rican soldiers on the Rio grade river

Treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo

Gave the us the huge expanse of western land known as the Mexican cession

Discovery of gold in 1848

Sparked the California gold rush

Forty nines

Referred to the people who flocked to California in 1849 to look for gold

The homestead act of 1862

Offered 160 acres of land free to anyone who agreed to live on improve the land for 5 years

Oregon territory

The untied stares and Britain decided to divide


Is the belief that one's own race or culture is superior to another

Lt col. George a Custer

And the 7th calvary were annihilated in the battle of little big horn by combined force of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors in the Montana territory on June 25 1876

The dawes act

Passed in 1886 broke up reservation and distributed the land to individual American Indians this made assimilation the official united states policy in regards to American Indian population

The wounded knee massacre

In south Dakota where approximately 300 Sioux including women and children were killed marked the end of Indian resistance in the West

Impact of mining farming and the cattle industry

On western boomtowns

Transition of open western ideals

To closed off and restricted territory by the 1890