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What are the classes of Phylum Chelicerata?
Class Arachnida
Class Merostomata
Class Pycnogonida
What are the characteristics of Class Chelicerata?
Chelicerae w/ fangs
Build webs
What are the common examples of organisms in the Class Chelicerata?
Spiders (Black widow, Brown recluse)
Hair follicle mite
What does the black widow after it reproduces?
kills its mate
What are characteristics of the brown recluse?
Very dangerous
Web building
How does the brown recluse build a web?
Made by the spinneret gland made of silk (protein) and they use it to catch food live. The web is used to detect vibrations.
What kind of spiders don’t build webs?
What are characteristics of scorpions?
Chelirace wings
What are characteristics of Class Merostomata?
Living fossils
Four pairs of legs = 8 total
What kind of legs do Class Merostomata have?
Walking legs
What are chelicerae?
claw-like mouth part
What is an example of an organism in the Class Merostomata?
Giant Water Scorpion
Horseshoe crab
The extinct organism in the Class Merostomata?
Giant Water Scorpion
What are characteristics of the Class Pycnogonida?
4 pairs of legs
Skinny! - Almost no body
Organs extend into legs
What is different about reproduction in Pycnogonida?
Male has ovigerous legs where eggs are clamped.
Does not get pregnant, just holds eggs
What is an example of the organisms in Pycnogonida?
Sea Spiders
What are characteristics of the Subphylum Crustacea?
Cephalothoracic segments
Abdominal segments
Thoracic segments
What is a cephalothroracic segments?
Fused head
Eye -> 1st antennae (attenules) -> 2nd antennae -> 1st & 2nd maxillae
What are thoracic segments?
What are thoracic segments?
1st, 2nd, & 3rd maxillipeds -> chelipeds -> pereiopods (walking legs)
What are abdominal segments?
Pleopods (swimmerets)
Tail (telson/uropods)
What are larval forms of Subphylum Crustacea?
What is a Nauplius?
The most primitive of larval forms
Don’t look anything like an adult
Larva has 1 eye
Instar has 2 eyes
What are pereiopods?
The first pair of all walking legs
What are swimmerets?
Used for swimming, structure abdomen
What are telson/uropods used for?
They’re used to kind of row their way to go fast
What are the orders of the Subphylum Crustacea?
Order Copepoda
Order Cirripedia
Order Isopods
Order Decapoda
What are characteristics of the Order Copepoda?
Organisms: Plankton
What is the difference between the shrimp & crab?
Crab has the abdomen underneath and tucked in.
The female abdomen is wide
The male abdomen is narrow
What are characteristics of the Order Cirripedia?
Organisms: Barnacles
Some symbiotic
What are characteristics of the Order Isopods?
All marine (except Pill Bug)
Roly Poly
What are characteristics of the Order Decapoda?
Largest group
What are examples of organisms of the Order Decapoda?
What are examples of crabs?
Blue crab: leg is for swimming
Fiddler crab
Hermit crab
Sponge crab: camouflaged
Boxer crab/Pompom crab
What are characteristics of the sponge crab?
Many nocturnal, need defense or way of hiding when they’re sleeping
What are characteristics of the boxer crab/pompom crab?
Has anemones attached to claw and uses them for defense
What are examples of lobsters?
Spiny lobster
American lobster
Common “edible” shrimp
What are Classes of the Subphylum Uniramia?
Class Insecta
Class Chilopoda
Class Diplopoda
What are the characteristics of Class Insecta?
Largest Animal group
Body plan: 3 tagma
Metamorphisis & Instars
What about the metamorphisis & instars of the Class Insecta?
Ametabolous aka Apterygota
Ex. Bristletail, Silverfish
Metabolous aka Pterygota
Hemimetabolous (incomplete)
= Exopterygota
Holometabolous (complete)
= Endopteygota
Larva, Pupa w/ Cocoon
Ametabolous aka Apterygota
Don’t undergo metamorphisis
No wing or fin
Metabolous aka Pterygota
Undergo metamorphisis
Have wing or fin
Holometabolous aka Endopterygota
Complete metamorphisis
What are characteristics of the Class Chilopoda?
Organism: Centipedes
Poison gland
Repugnatorial gland: smell bad
What are characteristics of the Class Diplopoda?
Organism: Millipedes
Diplosegment: 2 segments fuse into one, looks like four pairs
What are characteristics of the Phylum Onychorpohora?
Terrestial worms resembling Annelids & Arthropods
Terrestial worms
Soft cuticle that molts
Segmented nephridia
Non-jointed & Feeding appendages
Hemocoel – interphase b/c open circulatory systems of blood tissues
Tracheae – pipes that allow air in & out
What is the Phylum that is a deuterostome?
Phylym Echinodermata
What are the general characteristics of the Phylum Echinodermata?
Spiny skin
Pentamerous radial symmetry
Water vascular system w/ tube feet (podia)
Radial symmetry (usually)
What are classes of the Phylum Echinodermata?
Class Holothuroidea
Class Ophiuroidea
Class Echinoidea
Class Crinoidea
Class Asteroidea