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What is Information Security?

The protection of info from unauthorized access, modification and disruption of data unless Approved by an organization.

3 Core Principles of Security that form the CIA Triangle

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

What is confidentiality

Prevention of disclosure of info to Unauthorized Personnel

What is integrity

Keeping data from being Tampered

What is Availability?

Data is Accessible When Needed

The other principle in Security besides the CIA triangle is _ _ _.

AAA - Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

What is Authentication?

Establishing a person's identity

What is Authorization?

Giving a user access.

What is Accounting?

Tracking data, computer and network usage

What is Non-Repudiaton?

Indisputable proof that somebody did something they they cannot deny.

What are the 3 categories of security controls in planning a Security Plan?

Phsyical, Technical, and Administrative

What is the definition of the physical security control?

Items such as Alarm Systems, locks, ID's, guards

What is the definition of a technical security control?

Smart cards, ACL's, Encryption, Network Authentication

What is the Administrative Security Control?

Policies/procedures, training, planning, disaster recover

What is Defense in Depth?

Layering strategy that utilizes multiple security techniques

T/F: A well planned security system is 100 per cent secure.

False: a security system is never 100 per cent secure.

What are 5 common labels of hackers?

White hats, Black hats, Gray hats, Blue hats and the Elite

What is a White Hat?

Good guys; hack to test the network

What is a Black Hat?

Bad guys

What is the Gray Hat?

People not associated with the IT company; break in and notify the company it happened. Ask for money.

What is a Blue Hat?

A third company Asked by the IT company to break into their network to test their network.

What is the Elite

Top hackers