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All commercial motor vehicles, truck tractors, trailers, or semitrailers must carry ___________ ___________ on the vehicles while operating on a public
registration papers
If you wish to haul a load or move equipment that is heavier, longer, wider, or higher than the law allows, you must obtain a ________ _________ from the Texas
Department of Transportation.
special permit
The first thing the driver of a disabled vehicle must do is put out the proper________, _________, or __________.
flares, flags, reflectors
When should you use your hazard warning signal lights?
When any truck, bus, truck tractor, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer 80 inches or more in width or 30 feet or more in overall length is stopped upon a roadway or adjacent shoulder.
Commercial vehicles that are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations must be equipped with a _______ _______ that is properly filled and located so that it is readily accessible for use.
fire extinguisher
Trailers, semitrailers, and pole trailers with a
gross weight of _______ pounds or less are exempt
from brake requirements.
If the trailer and the combination is 3,000 pounds or less, the combination must be able to stop within ____ feet when traveling 20 miles per hour.
If the trailer and the combination is in excess of 3,000 pounds, the combination must be able to stop within ____ feet when traveling 20 miles per hour.
The _______ ______ must reach to within 8 inches of the surface of the highway and are for the purpose of preventing the slinging of mud and slush.
mud flaps
After January 1, 1972, shall be equipped with the following lamps and reflectors:
Two head lamps & red reflectors, One taillight mounted as far to left as practicable, Vehicular hazard warning lights
Slow-moving vehicles are those designed to operate at a maximum speed of ____ mph or less.
All vehicles, farm and other machinery, and
road machinery being drawn by animals or by slow-
moving motor vehicles are considered a _______ ________ vehicle.
Slow moving
Any vehicle with wheels having cleats, lugs, flanges, studs, spikes, or other extensions on the rim which would damage the road is considered _________ ________.
unlawful equipment
No vehicle, including the load it is hauling, may be more than ____ feet in height from ground to the top of the load.
Vehicles including loads transported may not exceed ______ inches in width
What is the maximum length for a single motor vehicle other than a truck tractor?
45 feet
What is the maximum length for a semitrailer when operated in a truck tractor and semitrailer combination?
59 feet
A semitrailer or trailer may not exceed a length of
_________ feet each when operated in a truck tractor,
semitrailer, and trailer combination.
No combination of vehicles, other than a truck
tractor-trailer combination may exceed _____ feet.
Not more than _________ vehicles may be operated in a combination.
The greatest weight allowed for any vehicle or combination of vehicles including the load is _________ pounds.
When any load extends more than four feet beyond the rear, there must be attached on the extreme rear of such extension, a red flag at least twelve inches square during daylight hours and at night a _________ ________ light visible for 500 feet.
burning red
When one vehicle is towing another, the drawbar, chain, rope, cable, or other connection must not be longer than _________ feet from one vehicle to the
When a chain, rope, or cable is used as a connection,
a _______ _______ not less than twelve inches square must be attached to it.
white flag
It is unlawful for a commercial motor vehicle to _______ down any grade even with the clutch disengaged while the transmission is left in gear.
When one truck is following another truck or vehicle, it must keep far enough back to allow ________ vehicle/s to overtake and enter the space between them safely.
When does a school bus or any bus for hire stop at all railroad grade crossings unless a traffic control signal or police officer directs traffic to proceed?
When carrying a school child or passengers
Tractor-trailers and long wheelbase trucks and buses, when turning ________, must have curb clearance for the rear wheels.
Never reverse around an _______________ corner to turn
Aerodynamic effects around a large vehicle can
cause a two-wheeled vehicle to be suddenly pulled
toward the larger vehicle by _____ or ______ feet,
depending on the relative speed between the two
two or three
All vehicles must be _______________ in the county of residence.
______________ is the most common complaint car drivers have against truck drivers.
Maintains a _______________ following distance on the
open road.
Increase the distance of the gap to _______ seconds in
bad weather (more reaction time) to compensate for
poor traction and actions of less experienced car driv-
_____________ by trucks is a common cause of accidents and another major complaint by motorists.
Your stopping distance ______________ at a much faster rate than your speed when you obey the speed limit.
What is the maximum speed limit for heavy trucks on the highway at night?
Clearance lamps, side marker lamps, or reflectors mounted on or near the front of a vehicle should be what color?
Two Way Roadway
Two Way Roadway