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What are its main components?
Heart, Arteries, Capillaries, Veins.
What does it move around the body?
Oxygen, Nutrient molecules, Hormones, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia and other wastes.
Where are blood cells produced?
In bone marrow.

What is Plasma (in blood)?
Liquid part of blood, mostly water. Nutrients are dissolved in it.

What are red blood cells?

Disk shaped cells which carry Oxygen. They have haemoglobins.
What are haemoglobins?
They bind to oxygen or carbon dioxide, and make blood red.

What are white blood cells?

They are cells that fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Not many of them in blood.

What are platelets?

They are irregular shaped cells which stop blood from spilling and clogging blood to help wounds.


- Transport blood away from heart.

- Have thick elastic walls.


- Control blood flow to capillaries.

- Thick elastic walls.


- Deliver oxygen to cells.

- Very thin (1 cell) walls.

- Interconnect arterioles to venules.


- Connect capillaries to veins.

- Medium thickness of walls.


- Transport blood towards heart.

- Often on surface, around muscles and bones.

What is Systemic Circulation?
The system of blood vessels that delivers oxygenated blood to the body systems.
What is Pulmonary Circulation?

The system of blood vessels that delivers deoxygenated blood to the lungs to be replenished with oxygen.

What does left side of heart do?
Receives oxygenated blood from lungs to pump around the body.

What does right side of heart do?

Receives deoxygenated blood to pump to lungs.
Are Atriums (of heart) on the top of bottom area of the heart?

Top area.

Are Ventricles (of heart) on the top or bottom area of the heart?
Bottom area.
The 3 main roles of the circulatory system are to provide nutrient and oxygen rich blood to the body’s tissues and ____________?
remove waste products
Which side of the heart has thicker muscle? Why?
left. Pump to entire body, not just the lungs
Where does pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation go?

Pulmonary = lungs

Systemic = body

What are the three types of blood vessels?
Arteries, veins and capillaries
In what type of vessel does the systemic blood travel away from the heart?
What type of blood vessel contains valves?
What is the function of a erythrocyte?
Carry oxygen
What is the function of a leukocyte?
Fight Disease