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an animal that hunts other animals for food.


a living thing that is hunted for food.


an individual organism's response to changes in its ecosystem.


close to becoming extinct; having very few of its kind left.


when the last of a species dies.

examples of changes in an ecosystem's natural pattern.

volcanoes, hurricanes, too much rain, drought


an example of a living things that can change.

"gator hole"

the gators dig a hole that fills with water. This helps the gators and other animals survive during a drought. Other animals may move their looking for food, water and shelter.

Describe why the deep pools of water that beavers create harm organisms.

The pools of water form and cause lands to flood, plants to die, and homes of other plants and animals to be washed away. Dams also harm plants and animals that depend on the flowing water in a stream.

Describe why the deep pools of water that beavers create help organisms.

They give space to smaller plants to grow, and the pools of water that form as a result of the beavers' dam are home to many plants and animals.

Limiting factors, predators, and diseases and parasites.

Things that affect the survival of organisms.

Exotic organisms

can upset the balance in an ecosystem.

How can natural fires benefit a forest ecosystem?

The forest is thinned in some places, and the young trees and smaller shrubs provide new sources of food for forest animals.

Can all animals accommodate ecosystem changes?

No, some must find new places to live.

What happens to living things when an ecosystem changes?

some living things change their behaviors and habits.

What happens to the living things that CANNOT accommodate an ecosystem change?

They die. Sometimes an entire species can slowly disappear.

How can people prevent extinction?

People can preserve large areas of land to protect endangered animals and plants.

What happens when people move into wild places?

They change the land. Native species may not survive all these changes.