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Storm Surge
How are tornadoes and hurricanes alike?
* Both are severe storms.
* Both cause destruction and death.
* Both have a scale of measurement.
* Both have swirling winds.
* Both spin counter-clockwise.
When do tornadoes occur?
Tornadoes can occur any time of the year. Tornadoes are common March through May.
The eye is the center of a


An upward movement of air.
What safety precautions should you take in preparation of a hurricane?
*Gather food, water, radio, medicines, and clothing for at least two weeks.

*Go to an inside secure room.

*Wait out the hurricane.

What is the power of a hurricane?
A tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 74 mph or greater is a hurricane.
How is a tornado's strength measured?
By the Fujita Intensity Scale.
F1 to F6.
F6 is most powerful and the most rare.
How is a hurricane's strength measured?
A hurricane's strength is measured by wind, pressure, and storm surge using the Saffir/Simpson Scale.

Category 1 to 5.
How is a tornado different from a hurricane with regards to formation?
Tornadoes form from warm moist
air that meets cold air or dry air and clusters together.

Hurricanes are giant thunderstorms over warm ocean waters and cluster.
What is a hurricane?
A severe tropical cyclone.
What is the power of a tornado?
Most tornadoes can blow 100 mph or less. Violent tornadoes can blow up to 319 mph.
Water Spout
A tornado that forms over a body of water.

Eye Wall

What is a tornado?
A violently rotating column of air.
What safety precautions should you take in a tornado?
In a house or buliding you go to the lowest, most interior

If you are caught outside ...
lay down on a field or lay down in a ditch.
When do hurricanes occur?
Hurricanes occur June 1st through November 30th.