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How does sound travel?
Sound travels through the aire waves.
How does sound travel through the air?
in sound waves
When are waves created?
when molecules of an object move
What type of wave are sound waves?
longitudinal wave
How do you make a sound louder?
you have to amplify it, or cause more air to be pushed back and forth.
Why does a hammer make a loud noise when you hammer a nail into the wall?
it vibrates the wall around the place where you are hammering the nail.
What does the phrase "conductor of sound" mean?
a material that sound can pass through.
Why are solids the best conductors of sounds?
because the molecules in solids are arranged closer together than in gases or liquids.
sound that bounces back,
number of sound waves per second.
Inner ear
part of the ear that sends signals to the brain.
voice box region of the throat
Middle Ear
part of the ear that makes vibraitons bigger
Outer Ear
part of the ear that you can see.
how low or high a note sounds
wave that travels through the air.
back and forth movement
Vocal Cords
elastic bands in the throat that produce sounds.
part of the outer ear that vibrates when sound waves hit it.
Name the parts of the ear?
eardrum, inner ear, middle ear, and out ear and larynx.