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In what form do most plants store extra food?
Plant responses to conditions in the environment are called ---.
Living things that break down the bodies of dead organisms are called
What structures control the amount of water in a plant's tissues by releasing water vapor into the air?
Living things that obtain energy by eating other living things are called
What is the process by which plants release water into the surrounding air?
What are living things that can make their own food?
The process by which living things release the energy contained in food is called ---.
cell respiration
What shows the feeding relationships and engery tranfer among livng things?
food web
What can affect the rate of transpiration in plants?
the amount of heat, water, and sun in the environment
What two things are a waste product of photosynthesis?
water and oxygen
What is the food produced by a plant called?
A food web is made up of overlapping
--- ---.
food chains
The pigment --- collects light energy from the Sun.
Through cell respiration the plant releases --- and --- into the environment.
water and oxygen
A food chain is a series of steps showing the transfer of --- among living things.
A plant needs ---, ---, and --- to carry out phtosynthesis.
water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight
Photosynthesis carried out by plants and plankton keeps the oxygen level at about -- --- of the Earth's atmosphere.
21 percent
Chloroplasts are disklike cell parts that trap light ---.
Geotropic response is ---.
the growth of a plant toward the center of the Earth
Hydrotropic response is ---.
the growth of a plant's roots toward water
Phototropic response is ---.
the growth of a plant toward light
Thigmotropic response is ---.
the growth of a plant in response to touch
The growth of aplant toward the center of the Earth is called --- response.
geotropic response
The growth of a plant in response to touch is called --- response.
thigmotropic response
The growth of a plant's roots toward water is called --- response.
hydrotropic response
The growth of a plant toward light is called --- response.
phtotropic response