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Components of a Curl
base, stem, and circle.
On Base (Full Base)
-has the most volume with strongest base strength.
-45 degree angle
- the tool to curl is held in the center between top and bottom.
Half-Off Base (Half Base)
-less base strength and less volume
- 90 degree angle
-tool is at bottom parting of base
Off Base
-least volume or lift minimum base strength
-45 degrees and rolled to sit below below bottom parting.
-reduced volume reduced base strength
-90 degree angle from center if the base rolled to sit at lower portion of the base.
Overdirected (Volume Base)
-exaggerated directional movement and volume or lift. Less strength at base.
- 45 degree above center of base and rolled to sit in upper portion of the base
Pressing Comb
-used to apply heat and tension to temporarily straighten tightly curled hair.
Thermal Curling
-temp. process of adding curl texture
-Marcel G 1875
-most popular styling implement
art of shaping and defining the hair in graceful waves
-created by two complete oblong shapings that are joined and connected by a ridge
cover and entire head
cover only specific areas of the head
hair fiber 6 inches of less to create fullness and height
top or crown of head
round shaped, flat base