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Parts of a root...
What are ROOT HAIRS?
Threadlike parts of cells on the surface of a root.
What does the transportation system of a stem do?
The system lets water and minerals move from the roots to all parts of the plant, especially the leaves. It moves food made in the leaves to other parts of the plant.
Parts of a root...

What is the EPIDERMIS?
The outermost layer of a root, stem, or leaf.
What do all stems have in common?
*Support leaves
*Support flowers
*Help leaves reach open places to get sunlight
*Hold the transportation system for plants
Parts of a root...

What is the CORTEX?

A layer just inside the epidermis of roots and stems. It stores food.
Parts of a root...

What is a ROOT CAP?
A thin covering made up of cells. It protects the root tip as it grows into the soil.
Name the parts of a ROOT
Xylem ** Root Hairs
Cortex ** Phloem ** Root Cap
Epidermis ** Cambium
Parts of a root...

What is the PHLOEM?
Tissue through which food from the leaves moves down through a plant.
Parts of a root...

What is the CAMBIUM?
A layer that separates the xylem from the phloem. The cambium is where new xylem and phloem grow.
Parts of a root...

What is the XYLEM??
Tissue through which water and minerals flow UP through the plant.
What kind of stems are there?
Woody Stems

Soft Stems
Name the parts of a STEM
Why are the epidermis and cuticle important to a plant?
They keep the leaves from drying out.
Name the parts of LEAVES
Veins ** Chloroplasts
Blade ** Stoma
Cuticle ** Guard Cells
Petiole (PET-ee-ohl)