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The Ambum Stone, Ambum Vally, PNG

prehistoric period - 20 cm

Therianthrope figure with spear, Arnhem Land Northern Australia, c. 10,000 years ago

'Stick chart', Marshall islands, Wood and shell

Benjamin West,

c. 1771

Joseph Banks

Oceanic room, Trocadero Museum of Ethnography, 1895, Paris

Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski with Trobriand Islanders, c.1914-18.

Franz Boas, Primitive Art, 1927, (book cover)

C.W. Cope, The Council of the Royal Academy selecting pictures for exhibition, 1876

Ilahita Arapesh men working on their spirit paintings, Sepik PNG

'Blue man' Vanuatu Louvre

Ta moko panel, Tene Waitere, 1896-99 (tepapa)

Asmat sheild

Reconstructed Lapita pot from Teouma site, Vanuatu c. 1200 - 1000 BC

anthropomorphic face design on Lapita pottery fragment, c. 1500 BC, Talepakemalai site, Mussau Islands

Fragment of flat bottomed Lapita dish, Teouma Vanuatu, c. 1000 BC

Reconstructed plain ware pot from Lapita era, Viti Levu Fiji c. 700 - 500 BC

Michael A. Rooker, European visitors from the Duff viewing the Tongan Royal tombs in 1797

John Webber, Annual tributary presentation of the first yams at Mu‘a [Lapaha], Tongatapu, Tonga, 1777

Taputapuatea mare, Raiatea, Society Islands

God imgage - To'o - Society Islands late 18th - early 19th c

coir, wood, feathers, 45 cm

John webber, A heiau at Waimea beach, Hawai'i, January 1778

Heiau (temple) Image of kuka'ilimoku, early 19th c

John Webber, An offering before Captain Cook , 1779,

John Webber, Kalani'opu'u, King of Hawaii Bringing presents to Captain Cook, January 1779

Hawaiian Feather cloak, (ahu'ula) Of Kalani'opu'u 18thc. Given by Kalani'opu'u to Captain Cook during his third voyage, 1778-9