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Definition of Pneumonia

Acute lower respiratory tract infection
Acute infection of the pulmonary parenchyma
rust-colored sputum think....
pneumococcal pneumonia
what are rigors?

what causes them?

seen in what problem?
uncontrollable large muscle shakes


seen in pneumonia
what is the major blood test abnormality seen in pneumonia?
What is the gold standard for diagnosing pneumonia?
The presence of an infiltrate on plain chest radiograph is considered the "gold standard"
most common bacteria pathogen associated with CAP (comminuity Acquired Pneumonia)

**** KNOW
Streptococcus pneumoniae
what is the mechanism of disease for pneumonia?
you get filled up alveoli

thus the O2 has to diffuse over a greater distance

so the people start breathing faster to make up for the lowered O2
what do you give at the end of hospitalization for a pt who had pneumonia? what does this do?

Does not prevent pneumonia
Serum immunization for S. pneumoniae
pt has ventilator associated pneumonia...what caused it...what is the structure of this?

gram negative rod bacteria
what bacteria causes aspiration pneumonia
gram negative species, anaerobes--essentially oral flora
where do you normally see aspiration pneumonia?
right lower lobe
Occurs with obstruction lesion in airways (usually tumor) leading to pooling of secretions, atelectasis and potential infection....describes?
Post-obstructive Pneumonia
what is the sympathetic innervation of the respiratory system? para?
Symp: T2-7

Para: Vagus
what does OMT do for length of hospital stay?

reduces it by 2 days!
what type of pts with pneumonia are going to require hospitalization?

Older patients, immunocompromised patients and patients with multiple medical conditions are more likely to require hospital admission