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What is the Brahman?
The supreme god. The "it"
What is the Shiva god?
The destroyer god.
What is the Vishnu god?
The preserver god. god of healing
What is the Brahma god?
The CREATOR god.
The differences between, Brahman, Brahmin and Brahma.
Brahman- the supreme god.
Brahmin- The highest memeber of the caste system. Spiritual leaders.

Brahma- The creator god.
brahMAN of the three lower gods.
Brahmin... caste
List the Hindu Caste system
Brahmin- spiritual leaders

Kshatriya- Very rich, CEO's, powerful

Vaisya - Skilled workers

Sudra - Unskilled workers
B urger
K ing
V ery
S atasfying
What are the people called that are lowest of the low. Not even mentioned in Caste system?
The Outcasts. The untouchables

Harijans, Dalits
List and describe the stages of a typical Hindu life.
Student (8-12) religious studies

Householder - Married, Adulthood

Retirement - Grandparent

Sannyasin - Man, does not love or hate anything. a Holy Journey
S - Should

H - he

R - run

S - Soon?
What are the six aspects of Religion?
God's sovererignty and grace
Hindu's working their way through life.
What is Karma
The spiritual law of cause and effect.

" You reap what you sew "
What is Samsara?
Continuous Reincarnation
What is mean by the term Moksha?
Being freed from Reincarnation.

Who is Ghandi?
The spiritual leader of the Hindu's who practiced peace.
What is a repitious short prayer?
What is an ascetic life?
A life of contemplation.
Who were the Dravidians?
Where the settlers of India. Dark skinned lived near the Indus river. Conquered by the Aryans.
Name the 5 types of Yoga practiced by the Hindu's.
Hatha Yoga
Jnana Yoga
Bhakti Yoga
Karma Yoga
Raja Yoga
What is Raja Yoga?
Experimental Yoga. a way to god through the psychophysical exercises.
What are the 8 steps to follow the Raja Yoga?
1. 5 abstentions: greed, lying inury, stealing, sensuality

2. 5 observances: cleanliness, contentment, contemplation of divine, self control, studiousness.

3. postures: lotus

4. respiration

5. no sense bombardments

6. concentration

7. meditation

8. samandi; mind absorbed in god.
1. 5 abstentions..
2. 5 observances...
3. postures...ex?
4. r...
5. no sense b
6. con...
7. med...
8. have your mind..
What is the Jnana Yoga?
Reflective; a way to god through knowledge.
Bhakti Yoga?
Emotional, way to god through love.
Karma Yoga?
Active; way to god through work.
god in everyday tasks.