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Studies indicate that swimmers have a higher overall illness rate over non-swimmers
Regardless of bathing water quality
The treatment system of a pool is typically recommended to be installed in which of the following flow arrangements
Skimmer or gutter line, main drain line, adjustment valves, hair stainer, filter aid pump, filters, disinfectant feeder, pH feeder, adjustable inlets
Swimming pool water clarity is measured in terms of NTU or Nephelometer Turbitity Units. It is recommended that a level of .5 NTU
Shall not be exceeded
A swimming pool filtration system should filter the entire volume of water at a minimum of every
6 hours
The rate of filtration for a vacumm diatomite filter should be
1-2 gpm/ft2
Chemicals that have been used for pool disinfection include chorline, chloro-iso-cyanurates, bromine and
Due to the large quantity of floating organisms and materials, the gutters or skimmers should receive what Minimum percent of the total pool water
The recommended and most effective method of maintaining pool water quality is
Continuous recirculation, chlorination and filtration
One advantage of using cyanuric acid additive is that it
Stabalizes residual chlorine
The acidity-alkalinity balance affects eye irritation, water coagulation and the
Effectiveness of chlorine
The addition of sodium bicarbonate will
Raise the pH
To raise the pH add
Soda ash
To mix acid and water always
Add acid to water
When cholorine is added to water
One acid is formed
The best control of swimmer's itch at a bathing beach is to
Add copper sulfate
The preferred method for controlling sewage from watercraft is the use of
On-board holding tanks
Gas chlorine provides
100% available cholorine
The microbe primarly responsible for skin infections in whirlpools is
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Water in childrens wading pools should be completely recirculated every
60 minutes
The ideal pH range for swimming pools is
The generally prohibited swimming facility from a public health perspective is a
Fill and draw pool
It is essential that all public pools
Run the recirculation and disinfection equipment 24 hours per day
The formula volume of pool/pump flow rat (GPM) X 60 min= Turnover rate will tell the
Number of hours it takes for the entire contents of the pool to pass through the filters
The main drain should have a grate that is how much larger than the area of the discharge pipe to prevent dangerous suction effects (absolute minimum)
Four times