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when should mobile radiography be used

only when patient cannot come to department

capacitor discharge mobile

discharge of high voltage to capacitor supplied by batteries

what is a capacitor

electrical device for accumulated and storing charge

in capacitor discharge mobiles, the expose switch

causes the rectification circuit to charge capacitor in generator, not the tube

dark current

in capacitor discharge mobiles when x-rays come out when you're not exposing

batter operated mobile units

nickel-cadmium batteries (rechargeable), provides power to x-ray tube, DC converter, step up transformer and rectifier to get desired kV

battery operated mobile units

one set of batteries power the motor to drive unit, another set powers the x-ray generating components

when using mobile x-ray units, must keep careful attention to

positioning, cassette placement, grid use, others

safety precautions (4)

key to turn on/off, front bumper will stop movement if impacted, clean regularly, take precautions against radiation exposure to self and others

radiographer's role for radiation safety

protect everyone, announce exposure, carry lead aprons, don't put parts in primary beam, gonad shielding, maximize your distance from exposure, avoid repeats