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The cake recipe calls for one cup of milk.
Jonathan got a new pool cue.
How much does this toy cost?
Jennifer won the gold medal in the Olympics.
We are not allowed to chew gum in class.
The water came gushing out of the faucet.
Students should cease talking when the teacher is talking.
A diamond is a valuable gem.
The huge brown bear went into the cave.
Tarrance and his dad went camping this weekend.
Barbara got a new coat.
It is fun to coast on your bike.
Joe cast his fishing rod into the lake.
All the students gave the principal a card for Valentine's Day.
The price of the game was ten dollars and fifty cents.
The prisoner was put in the jail cell.
If you eat too much you will gain weight.
The diver gasped for a breath of air.
Germs cause us to become sick.
Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale.
Students should not goof off in class,or else Miss Viola Swamp might be your sub-teacher!
The tiny poodle dog is cute.