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IP range restrictions can be set at what level(s)
Profile-based, org-wide
List the standard profiles.
System Administrator, standard user, marketing user, contract mgr, solution mgr, read-only
An administrator must request Multiple Currencies from SFDC
Once enabled
Can login hours be set org-wide?
Steps for login authorization..
Check profile login hours
Check profile IP range
if defined
- If browser has SF cookie
login is allowed
- If within org IP range
login is allowed
How can users obtain a security token?
1. By changing their password
Customer portal and parter portal users do not need to activate computers to log in.
Can logins on specific days be restricted?
Yes. By setting the start and end times on the profile login hours to the same value.
What happens when a user is already logged in when restricted hours start?
The system immediately ends the user's session.
What profile permission is required for editing and deleting public tags?
Tag Manager.
How many instances of personal tags can be applied to records?
If your company's fiscal year begins on February 1st and contains the 12 gregorian months
do you need to enable custom fiscal years?
As long as the fiscal year begins on the 1st of any month and follows the standard months
then custom fiscal years are not required.
Where do images for email templates
Cloud Scheduler
How do I find out my org's storage limits and used space?
Company profile
What does the default locale impact?
The format of date and number fields.
Which takes precedence: User's language setting or Company profile default language?
User's language setting.
Active currencies can be set at what level(s)
Organization profile
How does an administrator enable multi-currencies?
Multi-currencies must be requested to SFDC.
What are the different email template types?
When using advanced currency management
can a past exchange rate be changes?
Name the three Tab settings
Default On
Once a custom field is deleted
can it be restored?
What is the only field type which can be a controlling AND a dependent field?
custom picklist (field type is picklist... "custom"
Can a checkbox be a dependent field
No. Neither standard nor custom checkbox fields can be dependent. They can both be controlling.
How many external ID's can you have per object?
How many custom/AppExchange apps can be installed in EE?
How many fields (columns) can be displayed on a Customizable Related List?
What is the maximum number of Suggested Solutions that can be displayed?
How many Roll-Up Summary fields can be created per object?
How many custom tabs can you have in EE?
How many custom objects can you have in PE
How many custom fields per object can you have in PE?
How many custom objectscan you have in EE?
What is the maximum number of members that can be added to a campaign using the wizard?
How many custom fields can you have per object in EE?
How many custom fields can you have per object in UE?
How many roles can be created per organization?
How many account or contact records can a standard user import per session?
How many custom objects can you have in UE?
How many records can admins import using any of the import wizards?
Describe the ways you can add Leads to a Campaign...
Integrated Segmentation Wizard and Mass Updater - w/i Salesforce TBL to TBL
Describe the parameters for using assignment rules (how many entries
Describe when data validation rules are enforced...
A validation rule can contain a formula or expression that evaluates the data in one or more fields and returns a value of true or false. Validation rules also include an error message to display to the user when the rule returns a value of true due to an invalid value
Data validation rules are validated for a field or a record?
Data validation rules are executed for an entire record.
When one validation rule fails
Salesforce continues to check any additional validation rules on that field or any other fields on the page and displays all appropraite error messages at once.
What does a profile control?
If you marketing team needed to add 10k existing leads to a campaign at once
what would be the best way to do this?
The Campaign ROI Analysis Report uses what calculation to determine the ROI percentage for a campaign?
(Amount of Won Opportunities minus Actual Cost) / Actual Cost
Describe the effect of enabling Custom Fiscal Year setting...
* Once you enable custom fiscal years
* Enabling or defining custom fiscal years impacts your forecasts
o When you define a new custom fiscal year
or when you change the length of any fiscal period
o When you define a new custom fiscal year
or when you change the length of any fiscal period
o Forecast reports for a period after the last defined fiscal year cannot be grouped by period
only by date.
o To ensure your forecast reports have the most updated amounts
view the forecast for the period included in the report before running a forecast report.
* Your organization will not be able to use fiscal period columns in opportunity
opportunity with product
Explain how Salesforce allocates storage..
1 GB for file & data
What is the daily limit for email sendings per day per org?
1000 emails.
What are the storage limits for UE?
1GB data storage and 1GB file storage
What are the storage limits for PE?
1GB data storage and 1GB file storage
What are the storage limits for EE
1GB data storage and 1GB file storage
How long are deleted items kept in the Recycle Bin?
30 days
How many custom summary formulas can you have per report?
How many app can you install?
5 for PE and 10 for EE (also take custom tab and object limits into consideration).
What is the daily web-to-case limit?
500 cases
Who can create custom reports?
Administrators or users with the "Manage Public Reports" permission in their profile.
How many rows can be displayed in a report?
2000. Reports containing more than 2000 rows can be exported to Excel for viewing.
To export a report to Excell and keep all formating
which option should be chosen? Export Details or Printable View?
How many components can a dashboard have?
If you can see a dashboard component
does that mean that you have access to the underlying report?
A standard report type is similar to an inner join or an outer join?
Inner join
When creating Custom Report Types
how many objects can you choose when defining which related records from different objects are returned in the report results?
Name the 4 types of hovers
Recent Items
How many records can be printed from a list view?
Up to 1000
You can use inline editing to maintain all detail pages in the application except for....?
Documents and Forecasts
D) Closed Activities
D) anyone who has a login to IdeaExchange
What is a benefit of using and Import Wizard instead of the Data Loader
Import Wizard has de-dup capabilities
Where are folders used?
Defining access at the folder level to reports
When can inactive assignment rules be run on leads?
During lead import.
What limitations exist on approval steps?
Each step can have up to 40 actions
What is External ID and how is it useful?
External ID is a flag available for a custom text
T/F - Sharing rules are used to restrict access.
False. Sharing rules can only expand access.
Why might teams be utilized?
For reporting and sharing.
Describe the components of the Console tab:
What are the options available for calendar sharing?
Hide Details: Others can see whether given times are available
Hide Details and Add Events: Others can see whether given times are available
but cannot see details of events. Other users can insert events in the calendar.
Full Access: Others can see detailed information about events in the calendar
insert events in the calendar
List the functions of the Data Loader
What happens when a lead is converted?
It becomes an Account
List the differences between the Jumpstart Wizard and the Standard Approval Process Wizard:
Jump Start Wizard only allows for a single approver.
What information may be updated on the company profile?
What objects in the Org Wide Defaults allow you to do a public read/write/transfer?
Leads and Cases.
For which objects MUST you create a business process?
What do you need to do to be able to rename tabs?
Log a case to enable the feature.
Explain what a profile controls
Login hrs
Custom fields are deleted permanently after how many days?
Business processes apply to which objects?
Before creating record types for Leads
Which tabs are restricted from multiple record types?
What happens if you add a picklist value to a field when there are multiple record types?
You will be promted to select the record type that should include the new value.
If I'm looking at a detail page
how do I know what record type it is?
Do users have to display the jump page every time they create a new record?
When using Territory Management
can an opportunity be associated with multiple territories?
When creating users
does the alias need to be unique?
Does access to folders respect the role hierarchy?
No. Access to folders is explicit.
Will a new workflow evaluate rules retroactively?
No. Only from that moment forward.
Data validation rules impact all supported objects except for...
Forecasts and Territories
Are data validation rules enforced via API?
List the objects for which Import Wizards are available: