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In classical conditioning the ________ is originally neutral and produces no specific response.
The type of learning associated with Skinner is
operant conditioning
The researcher most closely associated with classical conditioning is:
Ivan Pavlov
Male Japanese quail became sexually aroused by a red light that was repeatedly associated with the presentation of a female quail. The sexual arousal triggered by the red light was a
From a casino owner's viewpoint, which of the following jackpot-payout schedules would be the most desirable for reinforcing customer use of a slot machine?
An executive in a computer software firm works with his office door closed. At the same time every hour he opens the door to see what his employees are doing. The employees have learned to work especially hard during the five minutes before and while the door is open. Their work pattern is typical of responses that are reinforced on a ________ schedule.
Purchasing state lottery tickets is reinforced with monetary winnings on a ________ schedule.
Jack finally takes out the garbage in order to get his father to stop pestering him. Jack's behavior is being influenced by
negative reinforcement
During extinction, the ________ is omitted; as a result, the ________ seems to disappear
Blinking in response to a puff of air directed to your eye is a
Makayla developed an intense fear of flying five years ago when she was in a plane crash. The fact that today she can again fly without distress indicates that her fear has undergone
Which of the following is an example of reinforcement?
All of these are examples
A reflexive reaction that is reliably elicited by an unconditioned stimulus is called a(n):
unconditioned response
You would be most likely to use operant conditioning to teach a dog to
retrieve sticks and balls
To obtain a reward, a monkey learns to press a lever when a 1000-Hz tone is on but not when a 1200-Hz tone is on. What kind of training is this?
Which of the following is a practical example of shaping behavior?
rewarding your new kitten every time every time he moves toward the litter box
Last evening May-ling ate her first cheeseburger and french fries at an American fast-food restaurant. A few hours later she became ill. It can be expected that
May-ling will develop an aversion to the taste of a cheeseburger and french fries.
In Pavlov's experiments with dogs, the food was the:
The “piecework,” or commission, method of payment is an example of which reinforcement schedule?
F. Skinner's work elaborated what E. L. Thorndike had called
the law of effect