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I HAVE....from existing cells.
WHO HAS....What scientific instrument is used to look at cells?
I HAVE....a microscope
WHO HAS....How are plant and animal cells different?
I HAVE....all living things are made up of cells.
WHO HAS....What do cells do?
I HAVE....Carry out all life processes.
WHO HAS....Where do new cells come from?
I HAVE....different shape and different parts located outside and inside the cell.
WHO HAS....Living things can be categorized by similarities into how many Kingdoms?
I HAVE.....There are five Kingdoms
WHO HAS....Plants are categorized into how many groups?
I HAVE.....categorized into two groups
WHO HAS....What are the names of the groups of plants?
I HAVE.....vascular and nonvascular plants
WHO HAS....What are the characteristics of a vascular plant?
I HAVE....this plant has special tissues to transport food and water
WHO HAS.....Examples of a vascular plant?
I HAVE....trees, bushes, grass and flowering plants
WHO HAS.....What are the characteristics of nonvascular plants?
I HAVE....these plants do not have special tissues that transport food and water.
WHO HAS....Are most plants vascular or nonvascular?
WHO HAS....How many categories can the Animal Kingdom be broken into?
I HAVE....the categories of vertebrates and invertebrates
WHO HAS....What is the main characteristic of a vertebrate animal?
I HAVE.....These animals have backbones
WHO HAS.....What is the main characteristic of an invertebrate animal?
I HAVE.....These animals do not have a backbone
WHO HAS....Give an example of a non vascular plant
WHO HAS....Describe an organism in the Moneran Kingdom?
I HAVE....most Monerans take in nutrients from outside their bodies and it has no membrane around its nucleus.
WHO HAS....The Protist Kingdom described?
I HAVE.....these organisms live in wet climates, and most have only one cell but some do have many.
WHO HAS....An example of a moneran?
I HAVE....a bacterium or bacteria
WHO HAS....Examples of a protist?
I HAVE.....paramecium and a two-celled Protist is algae.
WHO HAS.....THE Fungus Kingdom described?
I HAVE....members of this kingdom make chemicals that digest the surfaces they grow on then take in nutrients from the digested material. They can be one or many celled.
WHO HAS....examples of the Fungus Kingdom
I HAVE....mold, mushrooms, and yeast.

WHO HAS....THE six parts of the plant cell stated?
I HAVE....cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, vacuoles, cytoplasm,and chloroplasts
WHO HAS....What does the cell well do for the plant?
I HAVE....IT is a stiff nonliving cover that protects the cell. It allows water and gasses to pass through tiny gaps and acts like a skeleton for the cell.
WHO HAS....What does the Cell Membrane do?
I HAVE.....located inside the cell wall this living membrane allows water, food, and gases in and out of the cell.
WHO HAS....What does the nucleus do?
I HAVE....this cell part controls the work of all the other cell parts. (it is like a brain center)
WHO HAS....What do vacuoles do?
I HAVE....These are tiny sacs of water that take up most of the plant cell. They push again sthe cell wall and help keep it stiff as they store food and water.
WHO HAS....What is cytoplasm?
I HAVE.....A jellylike liquid that the vacuoles and other cell parts float in.
WHO HAS.....What is chloroplast?
I is green and it is found floating in the cytoplasm
WHO HAS....What gives plants their green color?
I HAVE.... Chloroplast
WHO HAS.....Three parts of an animal cell listed?
I HAVE....cell membrane, nucleus, vacuole
WHO HAS....Examples of invertebrate animals?
I HAVE....a sponge, starfish, crab, worms, and a butterfly
WHO HAS.....Examples of a vertebrate animal?
I HAVE....birds, snakes, monkeys, dogs, fish, frogs, bears.
WHO HAS....What is the basic structural unit al all living things?
I HAVE....the cell is the basic structural unit of all living things
WHO HAS....Animals that have soft bodies without backbones and are protected with hard external skeletons are called?
I HAVE.....arthropods
WHO HAS....Which invertebrate has the simplest body structure?
I HAVE....the sponge
WHO HAS....How do the animals in the Animal Kingdom get food?
I HAVE....they depend on other organisms for their food.
WHO HAS....What are the four classifications of vertebrates?
I HAVE....mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, and amphibians.
WHO HAS.....What are the characteristics of the classification of a mammal?
I HAVE.....It is an animal that gives live birth to their young, breathes air, has hair, is warm blooded, nurses their young
WHO HAS....What are the characteristics of the classification of a bird?
I HAVE....this animal is warm-blooded, hatches from eggs, has feathers, and has two legs and two wings.
WHO HAS....What are the characteristics fo the classification of a reptile?
I HAVE....THIS animal is cold-blooded, hatches from eggs laid on land, have scales or bony plates and has four limbs or no limbs.
WHO HAS....What are the characteristics of an amphibian?
I HAVE....they are hatched from eggs laid in water or wet places, does not have scales but smooth skin which must be kept wet, breathe through lungs, have four limbs and young animals breathe through gills.
WHO HAS....What are the characteristics of the classification Fish?