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What is tachypnea?
RR>20 bpm
What is key goal for HEP w/ a Parkinson's pt?
Pronelying to stretch hip flexors
Whta is 2400 militarty time and 1200?
12 midnight, 12 noon
How do you increase resistance in H20?
Increase speed of mov't
What is limitation of cold bath w/ acute injury?
Elevation of legs
What does exercise do to BP?
Increase systolic, same diastolic
In pusher syndrome, which side does pt. lean toward?
Toward hemiplegia side
Where is a quad cane positioned?
Opp. affected side w/ longer legs away from pt.
What is the setting for edema in mm Hg? prevent scar tissue?
Edema=30-40mm Hg
Prevent car tissue=20-30mm Hg
What kind of ex's for ankylosing spondylitis?
Spinal ext.
How much ROM to wipe self in bathroom?
80 degrees horizontal abd,40 abd, 70 medial rotation
Where is biceps femoris and semtitendinous located behind the knee?
Biceps femoris=Lateral
What position of thunb can you see the anatomical snuff box?
Thumb ext.
What kind of diet for CHF?
Low sodium, high potassium
What kind of activities to set for a Parkinson's pt.?
Controlled mobility activities: wt. shifting and trunk rotation
What is 10% of the pt.'s TLC?
Tidal volume
What is the most appropriate action when a pt. experiences sxs of autonomic dysreflexia?
Keep the pt. in sitting to lower BP, monitor BP, and check bladder and bowel.
What is the purpose when stretching the calf to have a folded towel under the medial arch of the pt's foot?
To limit subtalar pronation
When a pt. is dehydrated, the BUN (bicarbonate urea nitrogen) level increases/decreases?
Increases BUN level; renal failure; NORMAL 10-20 mg/dL
What pathology is best for AM tx, NRG conservation, and stress management?
What position is the elbow when testing the supinators?
Terminal elbow flexion
What is responsible for the firm end-feel of the hip medial rotators?
Posterior capsule
What mms affect dorsal scapular injury? (DR.L)
Rhomboids and levator scapulae
What is the cause of early toe off and vaulting in mid-stance?
Limited DF
Why is supine discouraged for CVA pt. for long periods of time?
Encourages tonic neck and labyrinthine reflexes
ROM is limited in prone when measuring knee flexion due to what?
Passive insufficiency of knee extensors.
True or false. Respiration rate decreases as the intensity of the exercise plateaus.
True. Pt. will accommodate to the level of exercise.
What motions are used for substitution for limited supination?
Shlder add and lat. rotation
What position is best for the elbow with increased fluid?
70 degrees of flexion
What is the norms for RR, pulse rate, and BP?
RR=12-18 breaths/min
Pulse rate=60-100 beats/min
What mm grps should be emphasized in rehab program for ant. shlder dislocation? posterior shlder dislocation?
Shlder ADDuctors and medial rotators (IR); shlder ADD and lateral rotators (ER)
What task will be most difficult for TKR?
How many cycles does a CPM move per min?
1-2 cycles/min
What is causes pn to be felt during a test, but the strength is normal?
Minor lesion of the mm or tendon
What actions produce the greatest amt of tension on the bicep tendon?
Elbow ext and forearm pronation
Describe action for tiptoes.
PF and toe ext.
What test for the strength of finger add to ABD?
Palmar interossei
What is the std measure of phase charge?
What is the std of measure for AC freq?
Which hemisphere is responsible for distorted awareness of self?
Right hemisphere
What should be done when a pt. void small urine while lifting wts?
Educate the pt. about incontinence.
What are the sxs of anemia?
FATIGUE, vertigo, pallor of the skin, general malaise
Which catheter is inappropriate for females?
External urinary catheter
Which motion is restricted for anterolat. approach for the hip?
Hip lateral rotation
Which motion is restricted for posteriolat. approach for the hip?
Hip medialrotation
What does beta-blockers do to heart rate?
Decrease heart rate
What W/P does not extend the LE?
Will bony obstruction cause ext.lag? Why or why not?
No, b/c PROM and AROM would be equal.
What mm limit shlder flex/abd?
Latissimus dorsi tightness
What is the hip precaution for noncemented fixation?
Toe-touch wt. bearing for up to 6 wks.
What is the contraindication for intermittent compression?
Acute pulmonary edema
Putting toothpaste directly into mouth and hair should be documented as what?
Ideational apraxia
What is the best indicator for maximal effort exerted?
Failure of heart rate to increase w/ further increase in intensity
What should be the initial command for rhythmic initiation?
"Relax and let me move you."
When lying in bed, what is the appropriate position for post transtibial amputation?
Supine w/ legs extended.
What are sxs of peripheral neuropathy?
Motor,sensory and autonomic changes, asymmetrical DTR.
What do you do when a TBI pt. begins to perservate or repeat a phrase/movt?
Guide the pt. into a new activity and reward a successful completion of task
What nerve fiber is assoc. w/ pn?
During a Rhine Test, where is the tuning fork placed to test for vestibulocochlear nerve?
Mastoid process
What PPE used for topical agents?
Sterile gloves
What PPE used for droplet precaution?
What PPE used for UV radiation?
Eye goggles
What do you do when you see signs of airway obstruction in a child? infant?
Abdominal thrust
Infant: Back blows and abd. thrust
What are signs and sxs of anemia?
Heart palpitations, SOB, and mild exertion
How do you test for clonus in the foot?
Provide quick stretch to the PF
A pt. c/o dizziness and mild dyspnea when bronchial drainage to the anterior basal segments of the lower lobes. What action is appropriate next?
Elevate the pt's head
Difficulty flexing the neck while in SUPINE is failure to integrate what reflex? w/o supine, head,arm,flex=legs ext
Symmetrical tonic labyrinthine
Birth-6mos.; Symmetrical tonic neck 6-8mos.
What lab finding is consistent w/ chronic respiratory alkalosis?
Decrease/low PaCO2, and elevated arterial blood pH
What lab finding is consistent w/ chronic respiratory acidosis?
Increase/elevated PaCO2, and low arterial blood pH
What is the posture of ankylosing spondylitis?
Flattened lumbar curve and exaggerated thoracic curve (kyphotic)
Define intrarater and interrater reliability?
Intrarater=same tester
Interrater=diff tester
What are sxs of Parkinson's disease?
Cogwheel rigidity, resting tremor,poor initiation of movt, shuffling gt, and flat affect
What is full-body immersion tank called?
Hubbard tank
What tank does not accomodate LE ext?
High-boy tank
What action is the greatest stress on the Achilles tendon?
Eccentric contraction of the gastroc and soleus complex.
What is the setting to control edema? to prevent scar tissue?
30-40 mm Hg; 20-30 mm Hg
How to teach a child w/ a T10 spina bifida for gt. trng?
Parapodium and parallel bars
What is to expire maximally after taking a maximal inspiration?
Vital capacity
What is the lung volume at the end of the maximal inspiration?
TLC= total lung capacity
When measuring passive knee flexion in prone, ROM may be limited by what?
Passive insufficiency of knee extensors.
In gt. trng, what limitation causes slight vaulting and early toe off?
Limited DF; normal 10-20 degrees
What is the greatest normal values of a pulmonary test?
Vital capacity varies directly w/ ht and indirectly w/ age. Amt exhales after max. inspiratory.
What position of the elbow would decrease fluid if swollen?
70 degrees of elbow flex.
What position to avoid w/ ant. shlder dislocation? strength?
AVOID: shlder ABD and ER
REHAB: shlder ADD and IR
What is the position to avoid w/ posterior shlder dislocation? strengthen?
AVOID: shlder ABD and IR
REHAB: shlder ADD and ER
What position to place bicipital tendon in tension?
Elbow ext. and forearm pronation
Describe the "plumb line".
THROUGH: the earlobe, trunk, and greater trochanter
ANTERIOR: midline knee, lateral malleous
What is the purpose of a folded towel roll on medial arch while performing a calf stretch?
Prevent subtalar pronation
What mms to rehab in ant. shlder dislocation? (opp)
ADD, Medial rot.
(opp. ABD., lat rot)
What mms to rehab post. shlder dislocation?
ADD, Lat rot.
(opp. ABD, IR)
What is the contraindication for intermittent compression?
Acute pulmonary edema; DVT, CHF, displaced fxs, local superficial infection
What is the logical explanation for limited ankle DF when knee extended, but not limited when the knee is flexed?
Gastroc is responsible.