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The most effect treatment of bipolar 1 depression is a natural mineral salt called __________, which reduces manid episodes in about half the patients.
What are the three kinds of conflict?
Approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, Approach-avoidance
Refers to a pattern of disregarding or violating the rights of others without feeling guilt or remorse.
Antisocial personality disorder
Involves numerous physiological responses that arouse and prepare the body for action.
Fight-flight response
Refers to a pattern of being submissive and clingy because of an excessive need to be taken care of.
Dependent personality disorder
What are five styles of dealing with conflict?
Avoidance, Accommodation, Domination, Compromise, Integration
Drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia and that act primarily to reduce levels of dopamine are called_______.
typical neuroleptic
can be triggered by either physical stimuli that threaten our survival or psychological that are novel, threatening, or challening.
Fight-flight response
the theroy that, in schizophrenia, the dopamine neurotransmitter system is somehow overactive and gives rises to many of the symptoms observed in schizophrenics is called the _________ theory, which is supported by the actions of __________ drugsbut not by the action of ___________ drugs.
dopamine, typical neuroleptic, atypical neuroleptic
The problen arising from direct personal experience of an event that involves actual or threatned death or serious injury or from witnessing such an event or hearing off such an event happening to a, family member or close friend is called?
possttraumatic stress
Drugs that are used to treat schizophrenia and that reduce levels of seratoninare called____________ drugs and include clozapine.
atypical neuroleptic
Directs great resources of energy to the muscles and the brain.
Fight-flight response
The theory that underlying genetic, neurological, or physiological factors may predispose a person to developing a mood disorderis called the ____________theory of depression.
Was defined in the 1980sas being dpressed, aggresively competitive, easily frustrated, anxious, and angry, or some combination of these triats.
Tyoe A behavior
Lithium is also used to treart euphoric episodes without depression; this disorder is called__________.
Irrational, marked, and continuous fear of performing in social situations and feeling humiliated or embarrassed is called a ________________.
social phobia
A disorder that involves inflexible, long-standing, maladaptive traits that cause significantly impaired functioning or great distressin one's personal and social life is called a ___________ disorder.
The feeling of doing poorly at one's job, physically wearing out, and becoming emotionally exhausted due to intense involvement with people is called?
Factors such as dealing with stressors and stressful life events are believed to interact with predisposing biological influencesand contribute to the ddevlopment, onset, or maintenance of mood disorders.
psychological factors
Unreasonable, marked, and persistent fears that are triggered by an anticipation of, or exposure to, a specific object or situations are called a _____________.
specific phobia
If a person is unable to recall important personal information or events, usually in connection with a stressful or traumatic event, and the information forgotten is too important or lengthyto be explained by noraml forgettfulness, it is called_____________.
dissociative amnesia
Is the initial reaction to stress and is marked by activation of the fight-flight response;in turn to fight-flight respnse causes physiological arousal
Alarm stage
If a person experiences the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states, each with its own pattern of perceiving, thinking about, and relating to the world, it is called __________ disorder.
dissociative identity
An axiety that comes from being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult or embrassing if a panic attack or paniclike symptoms where to occur is called_________.
Negative thoughts ____________ how we perceive and interpret the world and thus influence our behaviors and feelings.
bias or distort
Refers to voluntarily learning to control physioogical responses, such as muscle activity, blood pressure, or temperature, by recording and displaying these responses.
A pattern of being submissive and clingy because of an excessive need to be taken care of, which is called a ___________ disorder.
Although these drugs are effective, they have two problems:when individuals stop taking these drugs, the original fearful symptoms may return, which is called __________; and, if individuals are maintained on drugs for some length of time, they may develop tolerance, which means they will have to take longer doses, which in turn may cause side effects such as a loss of ___________.
relapse, memory
A pattern of disregarding or violating the right of others without feeling guilt or remorse, which is called an__________ disorder.
The DSM-IV-TR has five major dimensions called?
If a person suddenly and unexpectdley travels away from home or place of work and is unable to recall the past and may assume new identity, it is called_________.
dissociative fugue
The manual that describes the symptoms for almost 300 different mental disorders is called the_______________.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV-TR
A dissociative disorder is characterized by a ____________ in a person's normally intergrated functions of memory, identity, or perception of the enviroment.
dissruption, split, breakdown
Is the body's reaction to long term, continuous stress and is marked by actual breakdown in internal organs or weakening of the infection-fighting immune system
Exhaustion stage
There is eveidence that personality disorders develop from an interaction of ____________ and __________ factors.
biological, psychological
This axis is used to rate the overall psydhological, social, and occupational functioning of thr individual on a scale from 10(severe danger of hurting self) to 100(superior functioning in all activities).
Axis V
Beck's cognitive theoy of depression says that when we are depressed, we have automatically occurring ___________, which center aroundbeing personally inadequate.
negative thoughts
Can trigger the fight-flight response and negative emotional feelings(fear,rage)
Physically or psycologiically threatening stimuli
An axiety disorder characterizedby an intense and irrational fear and heightened physiological arousal that is out of all proportion to the danger elicted by the object or situation is called a _________, of which there are several kinds.
Referred to a combination of personality traits that included an overly competitive and aggressive drive to acheive, a hostile attitude when frustrated,a habitual sense of time urgency, a rapid and explosive pattern of speaking, and being a workaholic.
Consist of inflexible, long standing, maladaptive triats that cause significantly impaired functioning or great distressin one's personal and social life.
Personality disorder
An unpleasant state in which we have feelings of uneasiness and apprehension as well as increased physiological arousal is called?
This axis refers to psychosocial and enviromental problems that may affect the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of mental disorders in Axis I and II.
Axis IV
Is the feeling you experiencewhen you must choose between two or more incompatible possibilities or options.
The DSM-IV-TR has five major dimensions, called_________, which serve as guidelines for making decisions about symptoms.
________ contains list os symptoms and criteria about onset, severity, and duration of these symptoms.
Axis I
The manual's primary goalis to provide mental health professionals with a means of__________ mental disorders and ___________ that information in a systematic and uniform way.
diagnosing, communicating
Triggers a number of psycological responses that make up the fight-flight response.
Sympathetic Division
Another therapy that gradually exposes the person to the real anxiety-producing situations or objects that he or she has been avoiding is called_________ therapy.
Classical conditioning of an emotional response to a previously neutral stimulus; the result is called?
condtioned emotional
This axis refers to physical disorders or conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and hemophilia, that have an influence on someone's mental disorders.
Axis III
The alarm stage is our initial reaction to stress and is marked by activation of the?
Fight-fllight response
Is a pattern of distrust and suspiciousnessand perceiving others as having evil motives.
Paranoid personality disorder
What is the sequence for activation of the fight-flight response?
Appraisal, Hypothalamus, Sympathetic Division, Fight-Flight Response
Social and specific phobias have been successfully treated with tranquilizers called_______________.
The exhaustion stage is the body's reaction to long-term, continuous stress and is marked by the actual weaking of?
internal organs or the immune system
A nondrug treatment combines changing negative, unhealthy, or distorted thoughts and beliefs by substituing positive, healthy, and realistic ones and learning new skills to improve functioning; this treament is called___________therapy.
cognitive behavioral
Is the body's reaction to continued stress during which most of the physiological responses return to normal levels but the body uses up great stores of energy
Resistance stage
Is characterizeed by an acute discomfort in close realtionships, distortion in thinking, and eccentric behavior.
Schizotypical personality disorder
Referred to a combination of personality traits that included an overly competitive and aggressive drive to acheive, a hostile attitude when frustrated,a habitual sense of time urgency, a rapid and explosive pattern of speaking, and being a workaholic.
Is characterized by excessive emotionally and attention seeking.
Histrionic personality disorder
What are the 9 major clinical syndromes of Axis I?
1.)Disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence.
2.)Organic Mental Disorders
3.)Substance-related disorders
4.)Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
5.)Mood disorders
6.)Anxiety disoreds
7.)Somaoform disorders
8.)Dissociative disorders
9.)Sexual and gender-identity disorders
Is an intense interest in being orderly, achieving perfection, and having control.
Obsessive-complusive personality disorder
Was defined in 1990s as an individual who feels angry hostile much of the time but may or may not express these emotions publicly.
Type A behavoir
A series of three stages-alarm, resistance, and exhaustion-that the body goes through in dealing with stress is referred to as?
General Adaption Syndrome
The resistance stages is the body's reaction to continued stress and is marked by most physiological responses returning to ___________ levels.
When our attempts to reach some goal are blocked, the feeling we have is called?
What are the three stages os the general adaption syndrome?
Alarm stage, Resistance Stage, Exhaustion stage
Referred to a combination of personality traits that included an overly competitive and aggressive drive to acheive, a hostile attitude when frustrated,a habitual sense of time urgency, a rapid and explosive pattern of speaking, and being a workaholic.
Type A behavior
A form of learning that develops through watching and doess not require any observable behavioror reinforcer; this is called?
observational learning
Refers to the body's reaction to stressful situation which it goes through a series of three stages, that gradually increase the chances of developing psychosomatic symptoms.
General Adaption Syndrome
This axis refers to diorders that involve patterns of personality traits that are long-standing, maladaptive, and inflexible and involve impaired functioning or subjective distess.
Axis II
According to Freud, anxiety arises when the id and superego disagree, resulting in an____________ conflict, which results in the ego producing a feeling of anxiety.