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Something you are able to manipulate in a systematic or logical fashion describes a:

mental image

The findings from a study concerning subvocal speech in which one of the researchers was injected with curare indicate that:

thinking is a mental activity independent of motor action

An algorithm is:

a specific procedure for solving problems

When two-year-old Kevin says "more milk" when he obviously wants more milk now, the two-word response is called:

condensed speech

When Rosch examined reaction times to examples of different concepts,

the more prototypical concepts were responded to at a faster rate

Wernicke's aphasia leads to disruptions in:

the ability to understand spoken and written language

Which sentence about morphemes is correct?

Not all morphemes are words

Support for the human infants' genetically preprogrammed ability to organize and process speech is generated by data indicating that:

early infants are able to distinguish speech and nonspeech sounds.

newborns move rhythmically in accordance with speech sounds.

three-day-old infants can distinguish their mothers' voices from a stranger

Skinner agreed with Watson's idea of implicit speech; however, he called this type of response:

convert behavior

The fact that I can say the sentence "I want some root beer candy," even though I have never heard anyone say this, is an example of which criteria of human language?


You are taking a multiple choice algebra test. To find the correct solution to the problems, you begin substituting each answer given in the problem to see which makes the equation correct. What type of problem solving strategy are you using?


According to association theory, when you encounter a new instance of a category, you respond to it on the basis of:

stimulus generalization

When we begin with a specific situation and then generate a general conclusion we have used:

inductive reasoning

Mental images are:

representations of the spatial properties of real objects and one component of thinking

A process that occurs when we are faced with an array of alternative choices and we must choose one option over the others is:

decision making

Thinking allows humans to:

manipulate representations of objects.

use what they have learned.

solve problems without physical activity

The second step to problem solving is to:

generate possible solutions

A tendency to respond to a new problem with an approach that was successful in the past is called:

a mental set

Psychologists who study thought are mainly concerned with thought as:

a process of reasoning about something

Even young infants are able to distinguish ________ from other sounds even when they are physically and acoustically almost the same.