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viewing behavior as the result of biology plus nerve cells
believeing that people are basically good and capable of helping themselves
the process of lookinginto yourself and describing wht is there
a system that views the individual as the product of unconscious forces
the process of making your own system by borrowing from two or more other sytems
Survey, question, read, recite and review; a study technique that helps you organize, understand and remember new material
the "Rebirth" period during which Greek thought reappeared and much scientific exploration took place
Sigmund Freud
considered our inner selves to be cesspools of forbidden desires
Research psychologists
STudy origin, cause or results of certain behaviors
Cognitive psychology
the study of how humans use mental processes to hanle problems or deelop certain personality characteristics
the prediction of behavior based on the positions of the planets and stars
PTSD occurs in people who are
war veterans, scident victims, abuse victims
The scientific study of animal and human behavior
Dark ages
period of chaos and civil wars- when inetellectual progress stopped
the attempt to understand behavior by using logic and reason
a memory so strong it takes you back to time and place of event
PTSD symptoms include
flashbacks, nightmares, oral manipulations, suicidal thoughts
Applied pyschologists
Make direct use of the findings o esearch psychologists - they deal directly with clients
Middle Ages
period of little science
Wilhelm Wundt
"Father of Psychology" - started first laboratory for studying humans in 1879
those who believe we are the product of associations
Carl Rogers
MOsts famous humanist - beleved every person had the potential to become great in hs/her own way without guidance