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a psy's who investigates differences between females and males and how they develop
gender psy's
observed facts or evidence
responses that are internal or hidden from view

covert behaviors
a psychologist who studies personality traits, dynamics and theories
peronality theorist
a psychologist who studies thinking, knowing understanding, and infromation processing
cognitive psychologist
a psychologist who studies the relationship between behavior and biological processes, especially activity in the nervous system
actions or resonses that are directly observable
overt behaviors
a psychologist who studies the sense organs and the process of preception
sensation and perception psychologist
facts or info based on direct observatios or experience
empirical edvience
a systematic approach to answering scientific questions
research method
a psychologist interest in the course of human growth and development from birth until death
developmental psychologist
the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
a psychologist interesed in varibles affecting learning and in theories of learning
learning theorist
an empirical investigation that is structured so that it answers questions about the world
scientific observation