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Who is the most influential advocate of the role of nonintellective factors in intelligence tests?


How many Wechsler intelligence tests are there?


What is the WAIS-IV?

Wechsler adult intelligence scale

What is the WISC-IV?

Wechsler intelligence scale for children

What is the WPPSI-III?

Wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence

What do the wechsler scales have in common?

The role of nonintellective factors

What was wechslers problem with the 1937 Binet scale?

It yielded only one score

What was Weschlers problem with the 1939 Binet?

Rapport was often impaired when adults were tested with Binet, scales emphasis on speed handicapped older adults and it did not consider intellectual performance can deteriorate as a person grew old.

What were the biggest differences between Wechsler and Binet scales?

Wecshler used point scale rather than age scale and included nonverbal performance scale

How does point scale work for Wechsler?

Credits or points are assigned to each item ad scale makes it easy to group items of particular content together.

What sort of scores did Wechslers test yield?

An overall and a score for each content area.

What did Weschlers performance scale consist of?

Tasks that required a subject to do something rather than answer questions

The Original Weschler had 2 major scales (verbal and performance). How many does it have today?


What does the performance scale attempt to overcome?

biases caused by language, culture and education

What was Wechslers first attempt to measure adult intelligence?

Wechsler-Bellevue scale

What was the biggest issues with the Wechsler-Bellevue?

Poorly standardized as normative sample consisted of non-representative sample of whites from eastern US (NY residents).

What was Wechslers definition of intelligence?

Capacity to act purposefully and to adapt to the environment

What did Wechsler believe intelligence comprised?

Specific elements that one could individually define and measure, these elements were interrelated and not entirely independent

Theoretically, how can one measure general intelligence according to Wechsler?

Measuring each of the elements and summing the individuals capacities on each element

On the WAIS-IV, what are the four indexes subtests are sorted?

Verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory and processing speed.

When is an index created?

Two or more subtests are related to a basic underlying skill.

What is the vocabulary subtest?

Ability to define words. It is most stable and less vulnerably than other intelligences if for eg. brain damage occurs.

What is the similarities subtest?

Paired items of increasing difficulty. Subject must identify the similarity between each items in each pair.

What is the Arithmetic subtest?

Questions of increasing difficulty involving math problems. Concentration, motivation and memory are main factors underlying performance.

What is the digit span subtest?

Subjects repeat digits given by the examiner forward and backward. Measures short term and auditory memory.

What is the information subtest?

Measures ability to comprehend instructions, follow directions and provide a response.

What is the comprehension subtest?

Has 3 types of questions:

1. What should be done in a given situation

2. Provide logical explanation to a rule or phenomenon

3. Define proverbs

Measures judgement and common sense

What is the letter sequencing subtest?

Supplementary on working memory index. Asked to reorder list of numbers and letters.

What is the digit symbol coding subtest?

Match symbols that correspond to numbers. Measures ability to learn unfamiliar tasks, visual motor dexterity, degree of persistence and speed of performance.

What is the block subtest design?

Nonverbal measure where subject must arrange blocks to reproduce increasingly difficult designs. Measures subjects ability to reason, analyze spatial relationships, integrate visual and motor functions. Core measure of perceptual reasoning index.

What is the matrix reasoning subtest?

Core subtest in WAIS-IV to measure fluid intelligence and reasoning. Complete patterns of increasing difficulty. Good measure of information processing and abstract reasoning skills

What is the symbol search subtest?

Core measure in processing speed index scale. Shown target figure and asked if figure is present in search group. Measures speed of information processing in intelligence

What does each subtest produce together?

Raw score

How did developers derive a subtest scaled score for the WAIS-IV?

Used a statistical method called inferential norming

Why are group norms valuable?

Interpret scoring

How are the four index scale scores derived?

Summing the core subtest scores for each index.

How are each of the index scores normalized?

Mean of 100, SD of 15

What might verbal comprehension best be thought of as?

Crystallized intelligence

What might perceptual reasoning index best be though of as?

Fluid intelligence

What is working memory?

Information we actively hold in our minds and an index on the modern WAIS

What is processing speed?

How quickly your mind works

What is the FSIQ? (Full scale IQ)

Represents the measure of general intelligence. Obtained by summing the age-corrected scaled scores of all 4 indexes.

What does the WAIS-IV provide?

Rich source of data and often furnishes sig. cues for diagnosing various conditions. eg. brain damage.

What might account for diffs in measured verbal and nonverbal intelligence?

Language, cultural or education factors.

What is pattern analysis?

One evaluates large diffs between subtest scaled scores. Diff types of emotional problems might have diff effects on the subtests and care unique score patterns.

How should a clinician examine a drop in grades by an individual?

Several speculations and exercise caution in using results.

What did the standardization of the WAIS-III look like?

Sample stratified according to gender, race, education, and geographic region based on 2005 census data.

What was the original WISC based on?

Form 11 of Wechsler-Bellevue

What does the WISC-IV contain?

15 subtests, 10 retained from WISC-III and 5 new ones.

What did WISC-IV abandon?

The VIQ-PIQ (verbal and performance) dichotomy. In its place, 4 indexes to get FSIQ.

How are Items arranged in WISC-IV?

Order of difficulty and content.

What is one of the most important innovations of the WISC-IV?

Use of empirical data to identify item bias

What did the standardization look like for the WISC-IV?

Sample Stratified using age, gender, race, geographic region and parental occupation.

What are the two unique subtests included for the WPPSI-III?

Animal pegs and sentences (optional test of immediate recall)

In the WIAT-II for children in need of special education services, why were 7 subtests added?

Enhance measurement of fluid reasoning, processing speed and receptive, expressive vocabulary.

What new subtests were added to the WPPSI-III to provide a new dimension for evaluating young children?

Processing speed quotient and general language composite.

What is reminiscent of the Binet with the WPPSI-III?

Age specific starting points for each various subtest.

What may the WPPSI-III be a more sensitive measure of?

Ability for younger children with less developed language skills their their older counterparts.