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process of maintaining info over time
holding info after environment item removed
process of getting info from world into memory system (only gist)
short term memory
stores 7+- 2
info stored in STM to move into LTM
duration: few seconds
long term memory
LTM is limitless
content=gist + reconstruction
use consistencies to recontruct memory
implicit memory
how to do something
exlpicit memory
memory of facts and experiences that 1 can consciously know and 'declare'
ability to retrieve info not in conscious awareness
identify items previously learned
encoding failure
selective attention: goal based, never attend to some info, never gets into memory
storage failure
selected info. stalls in Short term memory
requires [elaborative] rehearsal to go to LTM
retrieval failure
lose cut to info/ confuse CUES
motivated forgetting
proactive interference
learned earlier (first) interferes with recall of info learned later
retroactive interference
something learned later (2nd) interferes w/ recall of info learned earlier
types of amnesia
infantile. anterograde. retrograde. dissociative.