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What 3 things is the mental status examination used for?
understanding clients presentation/functioning

observing and describing pts state of mind

part of clinical assessment
What are the domains of the mental status exam?
appearance, behavior, cooperation

speach, motor, mood, affect, thought process, thought content, cognition, insight, jugement
What is included in the Appearance portion of the MSE?
apparent age, height, weight


manner of dress

what is included in the behavior portion of the MSE?

eye contact

childen: how they relate to caregiver or other adults in room
what is included in the cooperation/attitude portion of the MSE? what are the descriptors?
this refers to the rapport between the patient and the interviewer

the pt. can be Cooperative, Uncooperative, Hostile, Gaurded, or Suspicious
What do you look at when evaluating speech?
Rate, Rythm/Prosody, Volume
What are the speech disturbances to know?
pressure of speech- rapid speech, difficult to interrupt

Dysprosody- loss of normal speech melody

Dysarthria- difficult articulation, not grammer

Cluttering- erratic or dysrhythmic speech, rapid or jerky spurts

dysphonia- difficult or pain in speaking
What do you look for when evaluating Motor?




What is Alexithyma?
a pt is Unable to describe subjective mood (feelings and such)
what are the 5 mood states? in descending order
Euphoric- intense elation, with feelings of grandure

Elevated- air of confidence and enjoyment

Euthymic- normal mood

Dysthymic- not super happy

Dysphoric- unpleasent mood
What defines affect? what is Range, and its descriptors?
Range, Congruence to mood, Appropriateness

Labile- rapid and abrupt changes in emotional tone, not inresponse to stimulus


Full Range- all emotions are expressed in relation to the correct stimulus

Restricted- reduced feeling tone, not blunted, but reduced

Blunted- severe reduction in the intensity of externalized feeling tone

Flat-no signs of affective expression, monotonous voice, face immobile
What are the portions of Thought Process examined in the Mental Status exam?
Form (linear, circumstantial, tangential, loose associations)

Productivity (flight of ideas, rapid thinking, slow thinking, blocking)

Logical vs. illogical

future or goal orientation
What are the 4 Types of Form for thought processes? what are their descriptions?
Linear- normal

Circumstantial- indirect speech that is delayed in getting to the point. usually over inclusion of details

Tangential- inability to have goal directed associations of thought. never gets to the point

Loose Associations-flow of thought shifts from one subject to another, may be severe
What are the 4 types of Productivity issues when discussion Thought Process? What are their descriptions?
Flight of ideas- rapid, continuous verbalizations or plays on words, shifting ideas, which can be connected.

Rapid thinking-

slow thinking-

Blocking- abrupt interruption in train of though before a thought or idea is finished. No recall of what was being said
What are the 4 types of Language Impairments involved in Though Process? what are their descriptions?
Incoherent- dirka dirka

Clang Associations- Words of similar sound but not in meaning, no logical connection. includes rhymes and puns

Neologisms- new words created by the pt. combines syllables of other words

Perseveration- persisting response to previous stimulus after new stimulus has been presented
What are the 5 types of thought disturbances and their descriptions, related to Thought Content?
Delusions- (many, will go over in detail)


Ideas of Reference-false belief that behavior of others refers to pt. Feels that others are talking about or to pt. (radio or tv or people)

Thought Insertion- delusions that thoughts are being implanted by other people or forces

Thought Withdrawal- belief that thoughts are being removed by other people or forces

Thought broadcasting- belief that a persons thoughts can be heard by others
What are the 7 types of Delusions we looked at? what are their descriptions?

Erotomanic- the illusion that someone is deeply in love with them, more common in women then in men

Persecutory- a paranoid delusion- someone thinks they are being mistreated

Grandious- a paranoid delusion- someone exaggerates their importance

Somatic- a false belief involving body function (melting brain)

Mood congruent-the mood matches the delusion (depressed pt thinks they destroyed the world)

mood incongruent- mood does not influence the delusion
What are the Perceptual Disturbances that are discussed in the MSE? what are their descriptions?
Hallucinations- stuff isnt really there (auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile)

Depersonalization- a person subjective sense of being unreal, strange, or unfamiliar

Derealization- the enviorment feels strange or unreal. feeling of changed reality
What is Insight
this is a persons understanding of his or her own mental illness.

Must be able to understand problem and treatment options
what is judgment?
this is the ability to state appropriate reactions to imaginary situations
What are the levels of conciousness?
Conscious Alert

Confused- reactions to enviormental stimuli are inappropriate


Stuporous- lack of reaction to surroundings

What are the two methods to evaluate cognition?
Level of Consciousness

Abstraction (proverbs/comparisons)
What are more of the ways to define Cognition?



Memory- (Anterograde- cant form new memories....Retrograde- cant remember the past)
Whats the max score on the MMSE? a low score?
Max is 30

23 or less shows significant impairment
When using the mini mental status exam, what 5 areas of cognition are being tested?





What are the limitations of the MMSE? like what could cause someone to not score appropriately high on the test?
Hearing/ vision impaired


non-english speaker, stupid,
communication disorder
what are the MMSE orientation questions?
what is the year, sears, date, day, month

where are?
What are the MMSE registration questions?
be able to rapidly identify objects within 1 second.

name objects and have pt repeat names
What are the MMSE attention and calculation questions?
Serial sevens math questions

or, spell world backwards
what questions are used in the Recall portion of the MMSE?
ask the pt to recall the 3 objects used in the registration question
What are the questions used in the Language portion of the MMSE
Name pencil and watch

repeat phrase

follow 3 stage command

obey written orders

write something

copy an image
What is included in Axis 1?
Clinical disorders, including major mental disorders and learning disorders
What is included in Axis 2?
personality disorders and mental retardation
what is included in axis 3?
acute medical conditions, and physical disorders
what is included in axis 4?
pyschosocial and environmental factors contributing to the disorder
what is included in axis 5?
the global assessment scale of functioning
What is the more defined range of things included in Axis 1?
Mood disorders

Anxiety disorders

pyschotic disorders

eating disorders

cognitive disorders

substance related disorders
how old does a pt have to be for personality disorders to be diagnosed?
18 years old
What is the more defined range of things included in Axis 2?
Personality Disorders...must be pervasive patterns of behaviors/symptoms

mental retardation- (the medical condition would be coded in axis 3)
In the active phase of 1st stage of labor, how fast does the cervix dilate?
- nuligravida: >1.2cm/hr
- multigravida: >1.5 cm/hr
What can the DSM not be used for?
Medical treatment options
what axis does homelessness fall under?
Axis 4- housing problems
what axis does mental retardation fall under?
Axis 2- mental retardation
What axis does trisomy 21 fall under?
Axis 3, acute medical conditions and physical disorder
what axis does drug abuse fall under?
axis 1