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What is one of the earliest writing's on abnormal behavior?
Reginald Scot's 'Discoverie of Witchcraft' attempted to debunk witchcraft in 1584
What might one treatment for the mentally disturbed have been in the Golden Age of Greece?
The disturbed would sleep in temples in the hopes that their dream would reveal the nature of the illness and it's subsequent cure.
Hippocrates believed that hysteria was caused by a wandering _ _ _ _ _ _
One of the most influential Greek physicians praticing in Rome during the 2nd century AD was _ _ _ _ _
Who is credicted with coining the term "lunatic?"
Paracelsus, a Swiss physician.
Who wrote 'Discoverie of Witchcraft', a text that refuted the existence of witches in 1584?
Reginald Scot
At the beginning of the Renaissance, this priest declared, "Mental disease is no different to bodily disease..."
St. Vincent De Paul
San Hipolito, first asylum established in the Americas was in _________ in 1566.
Who was the first reformer of asylums during the Enlightenment?
Phillippe Pinel.
The first mental hospital in what would become the United States was constructed in Williamsburg, Virginia in what year?
This woman carried on a forty-year campaign for the better treatment of the mentally ill and is credited with establishing 32 "humane" mental hospitals.
Dorothea Dix
What was the earliest effective treatment of syphilis?
Infecting the patient with malaria so the subsequent high fever kills the syphilitic bacteria, then treat the malaria.
Sigmund Freud was a this kind of physician.
Those who believed that hysteria was caused by the power of suggestion and was related to the phenomenon of hypnosis belonged to the _ _ _ _ _ school.
This leading neurologist of This late 1800's believed that hysteria was due to degenerative changes in the brain.
Jean Charcot
The emotional release experienced by Freud and Breur's patients after emotional sessions was termed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Freud was introduced to the American scientists and public by giving lectures at Clark University in what year?
What is Jerome Wakefield's definition of what constitutes a mental disorder?
A mental disorder/condition that:

a) causes significant distress/disability

b) is not merely an expectable response to a particular event and

c) is not a manifestation of a mental dysfunction.
What are the most recent diagnostic systems?

Which psychological perspective rose up to challenge psychoanalysis in the first half of the 20th century?
John B. Watson argued that the focus of psychology ought to be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
According to the text, what descriptions are often included in the judgement of abnormality?



What perecentage of adults suffer from at least one mental disorder during any six-motn period of time?
The first of the DSMs was published in what year?
What are the problems in citing "Battered Spouse Syndrome" as a defense in a murder case?
-Only a small percentage of battered spouses retaliate.
-There's no way to determine who which percentage murders and which doesn't.
-There are more legally acceptable self defense claims than Battered Spouse Syndrome.
The prevalence of schizophrenia is about __% world-wide.
The peak age of onset of schizophrenia is in what age group?
Mid-teens to mid-twenties.
What can be said of the relationship between gender and schizophrenia?
Occurence is approximately equal across the sexes, although there is frequently a milder course in women as well as a a generally later onset of about six years.
Schizophrenia with the predominant symptoms being withdrawal, decreased motivation, and catatonic stupor would be a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ schizophrenia.
"Cognitive slippage" and "derailment" are terms sometimes used to describe what characteristic of some schizophrenics?
Disorganized speech, "word salad", formal thought disorder.
"James" has schizophrenia. He suddenly finds his mind has gone blank. If he had a delusional explaination for the event, it would most likely be of what type?
Thought withdrawal.
"Jerry" has schizophrenia. If he believes that ideas are being placed into his mind by space aliens, what sort of delusion might he have?
Thought insertion.
What is the most common form of hallucination in schizophrenia?
Auditory hallucinations.
A disturbance in motor behavior is the chief and defining characteristic in what type of schizophrenia?
Catatonic schizophrenia.
What type of schizophrenia do we find a person who meets the basic schizophrenia criteria but does not fit into any other defined subtype?
Delusional schizophrenia.
Paranoid schizophrenia is characterized by what defining characteristic?
Delusions of persecution and/or megalomania.
"Sam" sees a car with Florida license plates and believes it was put there deliberately to tell him to go to Florida. What sort of delusion does he have?
Delusion of reference.
A patient says "In a fish shell, one has meaninglessness to impart, only above which one can reach the plane." What should you suspect?
Disorganized speech/word salad/formal thought disorder/cognitive slippage.
What are some -negative- symptoms of schizophrenia?
-affective flattening
-attentional impairment
Which type of schizophrenia has the worst prognosis?
Disorganized schizophrenia


Schizophrenia has been recognized since what year?
Paranoid schizophrenia occurs more often in _ _ _
"Original" causes (like genes) are known as what?
Genetic variables.
Thorazine is a member of what family?
Phenothiazine family.
What are some premorbid factors for schizophrenia?
-Schizophrenic relative
-Biologically older father
-History of prenatal disruption.
-Slowed reaction time
-Low birth weight/low IQ
-Early role as family scapegoat
-Inconsistent/extreme parenting
-Peer rejection
-Inability to form stable relationships
This term denotes a loss of contact with reality.
"Joe" believes that the actress Angelina Jolie is in love with him, though the two have never met. Joe might be suffering what kind of delusion?
Erotomanic delusion.
"Bill" believes he is Jesus Christ. Upon review, you find no abnormalities unless you happened upon that topic. Assuming he isn't Jesus, you might suspect he suffers from what?
Grandoise delusion.
What are some positive prognostic signs in schizphrenia?
-History of stable sexual-social relationships.
-Negative symptoms are absent.
-Family history of affective (over schizophrenic)disorder.
-Abrupt onset, clear causes.
-Later onset than childhood.
-Higher socioeconominc status
-Adequate premorbid school/work adjustment.
-Short hospital stay.
-No history of E.C.T.
-Lower levels of expressed emotion upon hospital release.
What are some premorbid factors ins chizophrenia
-Schizophrenic relative.
-History of prenatal disruption
-Slowed perceptual reaction time
-Developmental/CNS dysfunction, rapid recovery of ANS, decresed temporal lobe size, enlarged lateral cerebral ventricles.
-Low birth weight/low IQ
-Early role as family scapegoat
-Inconsistent and extreme parenting.
-Peer rejection
Early behavioral problems.
-Inability to form stable relationships.