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Episodic memory: Good recognition
Information has been retained and can be accessed if retrieval mechanisms are supported
Episodic memory: Poor recognition
impaired retention of information, external prompts do not facilitate retrieval
Wernickes aphasia
structure is correct but no content words
Brocas aphasia
highly meaningful but syntax (grammar) is lost
Semantic dementia
Progressive disease, generalised impairment throughout the brain. - Bilateral degeneration of the inferlateral and anterior TLs (brain regions housing semantic mem). Relative sparing of MTL structures. -Early spread to ventromedial frontal lobes.
Strengths of Semantic dementia
-Normal WM (verb & noverb) -Preserved antergrade ep mem (verb & noverb) - May have poor retro ep mem. -Phonology and syntax intact. - No topographical disorientations (sont loose way in fam setting) - No visuo-spatial deficits - Intact org and planning skills
Deficits in Semantic dementia
Anomia (most common-intitial) unable to remember correct word for an object. Followed by impaired c=word comprehension; semantic paraphasias (chair 4 table), circumlocutions (helicopter; 'thing that spins in air'). omissions (I don't know)
Semantic memory: category dissociation
patients can have a loss of knowledge within a discrete category of semantic mem.
Modality dissociation
Intact sem in the verbal modality but impaired sem in vis mod (n vice versa)
Ribotshaw argues for a t........ g............... in amnestic patients . That is ..........past remembered better than .........past.
temporal, gradient, distant, recent
MTL lesions- impairment in auto memory w/ ............. temporal gradient
FL lesions- impairment in ....... men without ............ ...........
auto, temporal, gradient
Assessment of semantic memory
word definitions, pictures and drawings & naming words, famous faces test, category fluency (animals), colour selection, sorting words.