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Operant conditioning must address what?

Variables maintaining the behaviour.

Influences on severe challenging behaviour are?

1. Setting events: biological, social, physical contexts.

2. Stimulus events: social attention, escape, tangibles, sensory feedback.

A systematic process for determining: which reinforcers maintain behaviour, and the stimulus condition or setting event (antecedent) is a _____ analysis of behaviour.

How does this method gather information?

1. functional

2. i) interviews with important others

ii) direct observations of behaviour

iii) manipulation of variables presumed to be important.

What is the aim of Behavioural Intervention?

1. Teach alternative, more functional behaviour to replace the unwanted behaviour.

2. Use differential reinforcement.

3. Modify antecedent conditions.

4. Control behaviour.

The goal of Treatment & Education of Autistic & related Communication Handicapped (TEACHH; Schopler & Mesibov) is _____?

daily life independence

TEACHH is a structured teaching approach that introduces and teaches two components, _____ and _____.

1. activity schedules

2. structured work systems

What are three pro's of the TEACHH initiative?

1. improved on-task behaviour and task completion in absence of adult prompts.

2. increased engagement, and speed and accuracy of task completion.

3. reduced stereotypical behaviour and escape attempts.

TEACHH bypasses skill deficits/weaknesses such as ____ and teaches to strengths, such as _____.

1. language

2. visuo-spatial