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Define: Theology
Rational Discourse about God
Who introduced the word 'Theology'?
Define: Natural Theology
What can be known by reason alone?
Define: Biblical Theology
How are theological ideas developed or expounded in scripture?
Define: Historical Theology
How do these ideas evolve in the fathers and church councils, among scholastics and reformers?
Define: Fundamental Theology
How can the claims of revealed theology be vindicated where revelation is doubted?
Define: Theological Method
What are the proper tasks, resources, authorities, methods, and procedures of theology?
Define: Philosophical Theology
How can philosophical analysis illuminate theological claims?
Define: Dogmatic Theology
What ought to be said about the triune God (theology proper) and his works (divine economy)
Dates: St. Justin Martyr


of like being


of one and the same being


of unlike being


is like

"faith precedes, understanding follows"

St. Augustine

‘We must needs hold the rule of faith without deviation'

St. Irenaeus

“Beware lest you speak the unspeakable, wittingly or in ignorance, confounding Eru with the Enemy who would fain have you do so.”

Finrod (Tolkein)

Nature is a created starting-point for grace

Thomas Aquinas

Grace does not destroy our creaturely nature but perfects it”

Thomas Aquinas

Gregory of Nazianzus dates


“Let mortals hold on to justice; power will be given to them when they are immortal… Let a person seek to be powerful in himself and, in an odd way, against himself for himself"

St. Augustine

“Lights break upon us gradually; and in the order of theology, which it is better for us to keep, we neither proclaim things too suddenly, nor yet keep them hidden to the end.”
Gregory of Nazianzus
Batter my heart, three person’d God

John Donne

All God’s commandments are rightly carried out only when the motive principle of action is the love of God, and the love of our neighbor in God

St. Augustine

The rational ordering of the human act to the good in its truth and the voluntary pursuit of that good, known by reason, constitute morality

Veritatis Splendor, John Paul II

Justification includes the remissions of sins, sanctification, and the renewal of the inner man

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Eschatology is the most practical thing that can be thought

Karl Barth

The resurrection of Jesus is the central fact of Christian devotion and the ground for all Christian thinking

Robert Wilken

What else, then, have we to do but first to love with full affection Him whom we desire to know? Hence arises that principle on which we have all along insisted: there is nothing more wholesome in the Catholic Church than using authority before argument

St. Augustine

God exercises a providence over all things, and therefore he also gives counsel. And when giving counsel, he is present with those who attend to moral discipline

St. Irenaeus