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Teaching is changing to keep up with the learners. Students are using digital tools and finding smarter ways to do things all the time.

Teachers no longer can be the source of all knowledge but must be the guide through it.

slide one.

It is our job to prepare our students for the future that is just around the corner. We set the tone for the kind of future they can achieve.

slide 2

Have you been to Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, IL? I went with my mom to the ER and was amazed at the rolling computers, iPads and more computerized equipment they used. Our students will graduate this year and some will be expected to use this equipment in their job.

slide 3

We need a plan before we hand everyone a tool and say "Go make something with it." We need to try things out and develop competencies by experience. That's why we need to start with mobile tablet labs. One per grade level in each building, which would be 4 labs in each of the 3 buildings and if it's successful then add one each year. If our class sizes are set for no more than 30 students then 30 per cart.

slide 4

We need these tools so we can prepare our students to be researchers of their own. They need to learn to find answers and opinions to gather information in order to make decisions.

slide 5

This brief video compilation is why we need Smart Board technology in every class room. The future is literally written on the walls.

slide 6

In summary Smart Boards for every classroom and mobile tablet carts for every grade level are needed to begin the development of the technology our students need to go out into the world and make a difference.


This evening I want to show you a very general idea of why we want to add Smart Boards and mobile tablet carts to each school and begin the transition into teaching for the 21st century learner.