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Kipling's birthplace


Stream of consciousness (JAMES)

The flow of thought within the walking human mind

Joyce's epiphany

Revelations moments

Definition in "Stephen Hero": a sudden spiritual manifestation

Burgess' "A clockwork orange" main character

Alex Delarge

Beckett's works

Godot, happy days, krapp's last tape, Molloy, Malone Meurt, the unnamable

Keats' works

Poems, Endymion, Lamia, Isabella, the eve of st.Agnes, Hyperion, the fall of Hyperion, Odes

Wordsworth's works

Lyrical ballads, the excursion, Salisbury plain, the Prelude, Michael: a pastoral poem

Conan Doyle's London

Foggy, disordered, mayhem, mystery and murder

Gaskell's novels

Religious doubts, tension between Catholicism and free-thinking

Jane Austen's protagonists

Finally brought to mature judgement

Osborne's "Look back in anger" date


Eliot's Four Quartets

Unity of the poem given by the physical and urban exploration of a desert

・Burnt Norton

・East Coker

・The dry salvages

・Little Gidding

Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience based on:

Interrelation, shifting perceptions, 2 contrary states of tje human mind

Larkin's "Jill" ambientation

Oxford, St. John's College

Green's Catholic characters


Rhye's "Wide Sargasso Sea" inspired by

Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre

Murdoch's "the Bell"

Religious country mansion, fragmenting marriage, tensions in the community

Title's allusion to the medievalinscription on the bell: "Vox ego sum Amoris."

Jane Eyre's false final

She decides not to marry.

TRUTH: she marries Rochester

Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" symbolizes

Principles of liberty

Orwell's 1989 protagonists

Winston and Julia; both anti-party and anarchists

Keats' "The Fall of Hyperion"

Titans vs. Olympian Gods

・Apollo Ascens (progression)

・Saturn Falls to Jupiter

・Hyperion dethroned

・Oceanus speech

Greene's "The Power and the Glory"

Set in Mexico, Tabasco

Green's characters

Very real, so grand yet so fragile

PARTY GOING: indistinguishable (constant change of idea)

Plot: a group of rich people going to a house party is stuck in the train.

Hardy's "Tess d'Urberville"

"Ghastly satire" in Wordsworth confident lines

Which one of Lawrence's works is NOT set in England?

The plumed serpent (MEXICO)

Set during Mexican Revolution

An English tourist (KATE) is involved in a pre-christian religious cult

Room for one own's author

Woolf, feminist essay

Vindication of women's intellectual rights

Kim's author


Under the volcano's author and plot


Mexico, 1930's

Story of an alcoholic English consul and his self-destruction

Lyrical Ballads' style

Ordinary themes, traditional ballad form, language of rural people

Percy Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind"

The wind represents the rejuvenating force of the Universe, the breath of the Autumn, a personification, preserver and destroyer

Queen Victoria reign


Wuthering Heights' ending

Heathcliff sees the ghost of Catherine and dies, buried next to her

Percy Shelley "A defence of poetry"

Proclaims the essentially social function of poetry and poet's prophetic role

Phantoms, prophecies

Themes of Gothic

Delightful horror, torture and terror, hauntings, sudden death, dungeons, dreams, phantoms, prophecies

Huxley's "Brave New World"

Distopian fantasy, results of industrial revolution, scientific stuff, religion explores pain

Stevenson's birthplace


Works published in 1922

Eliot's "The Waste Land" and Joyce's "Ulysses"

Beckett's birthplace


Wordsworth's "The Prelude"

Growth of a poet's mind, shapes incidents and ideal patterns of self-representation

Golding's "Lord of Flies"

Set on an inhabited island, where boys try to govern themselves with disastrous results

Brontë sisters main works

Charlotte "Jane Eyre"

Anne "Agnes Grey"

Emily "Wuthering Heights"

Blake's "Songs of Innocence" 's theme:

Corruption of innocent state

Blake's "Songs of Experience" 's theme:

Satirical and sarcastic

Tennyson's "in Memoriam"

Exploration of doubts as it is an abortion of faith, Tribute to his friend HALLAM

Conrad's "Lord Jim"

The title of TUAN (lord)

A successful colonial agent, initially a seaman on the Patna

Hardy's characters

Wrenched from their roots and communities, struggling against passion and social circumstances

Osborne's "Look back in Anger" 's theme

(1956) issues of the days, a rebellion of an insider: a love triangle

Hopkins' poems

God-centered, presence of violence in parahuman realm

Byron's style

Frenetic energy, modernity, theatricality, extravaganza, wit

Doris Lessing's "Children of Violence"

Series of 5 semi-autobiographcal novels

Martha is an unhappy adolescent

Set in South Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) except for the 5th book set in distopian London

Joyce's "The Dubliners"

Dublin is the center of paralysis

Lawrence's "Women in Love"

Distinction between freedom and control, marriage and over (over heterosexual) relationships