What Is John Keats View Of Romanticism

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During the semester, we have encountered many different styles as well as many different views of lyricists throughout the Victorian Era. The views of these authors, beginning with some of the very first poets who had introduced the thought of romanticism during this period, had opened up a broad level of interpretation for many poets to come in time. One of the most commonly known writers of the Victorian Era happens to be a man by the name of William Wodsworth. William Wordsworth happens to be a very important writer during this period of romanticism who may have brought to light many common views of how nature plays an important part of interpretation when it comes to literary works, in this case poetry. A more likely poet to share a common opinion in literature happens to be a poet who is known as John Keats. John Keats composed many works regarding the literary take on nature, especially within one of his most commonly shared poem “Ode to a Nightingale”. John Keats, a well known …show more content…
One of the poems that caught my attention happened to be a work titled, “Ode to a Nightingale”. In this poem the narrator (Keats), uses his sense of sight and imagination to express his current mood on the natural beings surrounding him. He constructs this poem toward what we are to understand is a “nightingale”, a singing mythical bird of some sort. Keats explains to his audience that happiness can be found in nature in the same what that this “dryad” had done to him. Keats expresses to his audience that he too would like to endure the same happiness as the nightingale, but he is constantly held back due to the pain that he is experiencing. He feels as if the only way he can relate himself to the nightingale is through his own death and by his own thoughts, and even then his happiness is unattainable due to the circumstances. We are able to see this in the sixth stanza (line 55) of the poem where he

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