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Describe the “Flat Hat Club”: Where (college or meeting place) was it formed? What is its significance?

- College of William and Mary, or; Raleigh Tavern

-Precursor to the modern fraternity

What was the first “modern-day fraternity” – the first group to use Greek letters in its name, have a secret meaning, grip, and Ritual of Initiation? When was this group formed? Who was this group’s founder? And, what was the group’s secret meaning?

-Phi Beta Kappa


-John Heath

-“Philosophy, the Guide of Life”

. Which of the following is NOT a member of the “Miami Triad”?

A. Beta Theta Pi C. Phi Delta Theta B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon D. Sigma Chi

Which of the following was the first recognized women’s Greek-letter fraternity, formed in 1870 at DePauw University?

Kappa Alpha Theta

In 1854, which of the following fraternities built the first “fraternity house” at the University of Michigan?

Chi Psi

Please write the Greek alphabet, in order, by first writing the Greek letter and then the English translation (i.e. - Phi).

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta,Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega

What was the Greek-letter name of the group that later evolved into Pi Kappa Phi? What did the letters stand for? For what purpose did this group form?

-Nu Phi

-“Non - Fraternity”

-To generate an opposing slate of officers for the Chrestomathics literary society elections

Where and when was Pi Kappa Phi founded? List the seven men at the first meeting.

-December 10, 1904

-90 Broad Street, or; Simon Fogarty’s house

-Andrew Alexander Kroeg, Jr.

-Simon Fogarty, Jr.

-L. Harry Mixson

-A. Pelzer Wagener

-Thomas F. Mosimann

-Theodore Barnwell Kelly

-James Fogarty

Who is the “Honorary 4th Founder (name, chapter and school) of Pi Kappa Phi?

-Durward W. Owen

-Xi (Roanoke)

What is the motto of Pi Kappa Phi? Write in both Greek and English. BONUS: What was the original motto in Latin and what was its translation?

-Nothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder

-BONUS (2 pts): Nil Sebar Abit – “Nothing Shall Separate Us”

Please write the Student Creed.

-I believe the ideal chapter is made up of men

-Who are bound together in a common loyalty which transcends any personal selfishness

-Who realize membership means bearing their share of the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization

-Who bring credit to the fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship

-Who safeguard the reputation of their chapter by keeping careful watch over their personal conduct

-Who uphold faithfully the traditions and activities of their college

-Who prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens

-I believe that my chapter can become an ideal chapter and I shall do my share to make it so

Please draw and describe the coloring for the following Pi Kappa Phi symbols: Flag, Coat Of Arms, Star Shield

Flag, coat of arms, flagshield

Where is the National Office of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity? (City and state)

-Charlotte, NC

There are four separate entities of Pi Kappa Phi. The Fraternity is one of them, what are the other three?

-Pi Kappa Phi Properties

-Pi Kappa Phi Foundation

-The Ability Experience

Who is the CEO of Pi Kappa Phi? Include chapter and school.

-Mark E. Timmes

-Alpha Epsilon (Florida)

. Please list the seven elected members of the National Council by writing their name, chapter, school, and position. Give one example of what the National Council’s role is in the Fraternity. BONUS: Name the student representative, his chapter and school.

· National President- Tracy D. Maddux, Zeta Theta (Texas - Austin)

· National Vice President- Thomas B. Sullivan, Delta Omega (Texas A&M)

· National Treasurer- Jeremy D. Galvin, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)

· National Secretary- Timothy S. Hebson, Alpha Eta (Samford)

· National Historian- Eric J. Almquist, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)

· National Chaplain- William T. Sigmon, Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)

· National Chancellor- James M. Smith, Alpha Eta (Samford)

· BONUS: Student Representative Andrew Carnes, Theta Sigma (Cal State Long Beach)

-Govern Fraternity between Supreme Chapters, Board of Directors

-Appoints certain standing committees, Regional Governors, Chapter Advisors, and CEO

-Initiate legislation in between Supreme Chapter

-Control the financial affairs of the fraternity

-Approve the expansion activities and policy supervision of the National Headquarters

-Installation of new student and alumni chapters

-Individual and chapter disciplinary procedures and appeals

What is the Mr. Pi Kappa Phi Award? Who was the first man to be named Mr. Pi Kappa Phi in 1965? Include chapter and school.

· Recognizes superior lifetime achievement of a Pi Kappa Phi/ Honest honor bestowed

· Leo Pou, Omicron (Alabama)

What is the Supreme Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi? Include a brief description, the event’s purpose, and when it is held.

· Legislative Meeting

· Every two years, or; every even year

What is Pi Kapp College? Include a brief description, the event’s purpose, and when it is held. BONUS: What unique program is only offered at Pi Kapp College?

· Educational Leadership Training Conference

· Every Summer

· BONUS: Certified Ritualist Program

What is a Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers? Include a brief description, the event’s purpose, and when it is held.

· Officer Training Conference

· Every January, or; every year

Pi Kappa Phi has a Volunteer Structure that includes Regional Governors, Chapter Advisors, and Board of Alumni Advisors. List the individuals that fill each of these volunteer positions for your chapter?

Chapter Advisor – Lee Anne Hale

Pi Kappa Phi belongs to a group of national fraternities that purchase their insurance through a provider known as FRMT Limited. FRMT Limited is governed by a Risk Management Policy (commonly referred to as FIPG) that we must follow in order to maintain this coverage. Put an “X” next to the five areas that this Risk Management Policy covers.

__X__ Hazing __X__ Education

__X__ Fire, Health and Safety _____ Chapter House Construction

_____ Election of Officers __X__ Sexual Abuse and Harassment

__X__ Alcohol and Drugs _____ T-shirt Design

If you were organizing a social event there are several guidelines within the Risk Management Policy that you would have to follow in order to be in compliance with FIPG, Inc. Name five.

· Follow all laws

· No purchase of alcohol with chapter funds

· No bulk quantity or common sources, or; No kegs

· Guest list, or; no OPEN PARTIES

· No purchase for, service to, or sale of alcoholic beverages to minors


What is the riskiest behavior that threatens your chapter? How does this relate to the Ladder of Risk? As a brother how can you mitigate this risk?

A fight or or a person passing out due to alcohol related behavior definitely threatens the chapter more than anything. The ladder of risk educates us on how to throw safe social gatherings and how to avoid dangerous situations. I can mitigate this risk myself as a brother by knowing and understanding the risk management policy

What is the name of the artist and architect that provided Pi Kappa Phi with the framework to develop Push America in 1977? Include chapter and school.

-Thomas Sayre, Kappa (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

What are the three areas of service that characterize a balanced The Ability Experience program?

· Fundraising

· Volunteerism

· Awareness

What are the four pillars (or Core Values) of The Ability Experience?

· Abilities

· Teamwork

· Empathy

· Integrity

Name and briefly describe the two cycling events and one national building project of The Ability Experience.

· Journey of Hope- over 100 Pi Kapps from across the country ride from San Francisco, CA to Washington, D.C.

· Gear Up Florida- 35 Pi Kapps ride across the state of Florida

· Build America- 30 Pi Kapps travel to summer camps for eight weeks

What are Ability Camp and Ability Weekends?

National Service Projects that involve the actual construction of accessible structures for people with disabilities

List each position of the Executive Council and who currently serves in this role for your chapter.

-Examinee can earn one (1) point for currently listing the position and one (1) point for correctly listing the brother who holds the position (Ex: John Smith, Archon = 2 points).

Nick Birlingmair- Archon

Oliver Ellen- Vice Archon

Cole Lettieri- Treasurer

Jake Bohne- Secretary

Nick Gonzalez- Warden

Joe Manzari- Historian

Jake Long- Chaplain

Matt Barry- Risk Management

Brandon Buff- The Ability Experience

Describe a situation where you have used Ultimate Respect with your brothers.

Ultimate Respect- Holding each other accountable


List the region name, schools, and chapter designations of all the chapters in your region.

-Examinee can earn one (1) point for currently listing the chapter designation of each chapter in your region and one (1) point for correctly listing the college/university where that chapter is located [ Ex: Alpha (College of Charleston) = 2 points]. Examinee can earn one (1) point for currently listing the region name (Ex: Lowcountry Region = 1 point).

Collegiate UPSILON University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

Collegiate ALPHA PHI Illinois Institute of Technology

Collegiate BETA SIGMA Northern Illinois University

Collegiate EPSILON MU Bradley University

Collegiate IOTA RHO Western Illinois University

Why do you want to become initiated into Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity?

I want to become initiated into pi kappa phi fraternity to leave a legacy with my brothers on this campus which will continue to grow and create better men for years to come

What is your vision for your chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity? And, more importantly, what are you going to do as an undergraduate and alumni brother to make this vision a reality?

I see Pi Kappa Phi at illinois St

Know Mission & Vision. Know Student Creed Values.

Our Mission

To create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.

Our Vision

A future where every Pi Kappa Phi embraces his role as a leader, puts service before self and improves the world around him.

Student Creed Values

Common Loyalty, Personal Responsibility, Achievement, Accountability, Campus Involvement, Responsible Citizenship, Lifelong Commitment.