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What did Galileo find in his reexamination?
Galileo found that for an object to be in motion was just as natural for it to be a rest.
invention or creation of ideas
Science requires testing to prove or understand a theroy, as well as to develop a model.
When is a new theroy usually accepted?
In most cases only if it explains a greater range of phenomena than does a previous theroy
an analogy or mental image of the phenomena in terms of something else we are already familiar with. an approximate mental or visual picture.
Theroies Vs. Models
a model is relatively simple and provides a structural similarity to the phenomena being studied. A theory is broader, more detailed, and can give quantitatively testable predictions, often with great precision.
concise but general statements about how nature behaves, sometimes the statement takes the form of an equation.
Such as Newtons Second Law
general statements that help prove a law expliermentally vald
every measurement has an uncertainty, there is no precise measurement only approximate
percent uncertainty
the ratio of the uncertainty to the measured value, multiplied by 100
8.8 measurement
.01 uncertainty
Assumed uncertainty
generally uncertainty is not explicitly stated. In such cases the uncertainty is assumed to be one or a few units in the last digit specified
Significant Figures
number of reliably known digits in a number.
23.21 has 4 significant digits
0.062 has 2 significant digits