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The largest, slowest, & least penetrating form of radiation.
What is an Alpha Particle?
Symbol = 4/2 He,a; Charge = 2+ ; Mass = 4
A negatively charged electron or positively charged positron emitted from a decaying atomic nucleus; move faster, penetrate more matter than alpha particles
What is a Beta Particle?
Symbol = 0/-1 e b, Charge =1-
& Mass = 0
A method of detecting & monitoring paths of nuclear particles which holds a superheated liquid that doesn't boil due to increased pressure in system and a moving particle leaves
ions behind it shows a track of bubbles in its path.
What is a Bubble Chamber?
when a moving particle leaves ions behind & leaves a path of bubbles in its path
A continuing series of fission reactions in which neutrons from fissioning nuclei cause other nuclei to split releasing more neutrons
What is a Chain Reaction?
fission domino effect
A device in which the formation of chains of dropplets on ions generated by passage of charged subatomic particles, to infer the presence of neutral particles & study cetain nuclear reactions.
What is a Cloud Chamber?
a device helping to detect, infer the presence of neutral particle & study nuclear reactions.
An electromagetic radiation emitted by radioactive decay, and having energies in a range overlapping that of the highest energy, x-rays
extending it to several hundred thousand electron volts.
What is a Gamma Ray?
The time necessary for half the nuclei in a sample of a specific isotropic speciesto undergo radioactive decaky.
What is Half - Life?
A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus splits into fragment, usually 2 fragments of same mass = approx. 100Million / several Million elec. volts of energy
What is Nuclear Fission?
A nuclear reaction in which
nuclei combine to for more massive nuclei with the release of energy .
What is Nuclear Fusion
An atomic nucleus specified by its atomic number, atomic mass and energy state.
The analysis of emitted nuclear energy ( i.e.,betta particles, gamma rays)can reveal brain tumors in humans.
What is P.E.T? ( Positron Emission Tomography ).
A type of nuclear medicine used to diagnose tumors
Spontaneos emission of radiation either directly from unstable atomic nuclei or as a consequence of a nuclear reaction
What is Radioactivity?
An identifiable substance, as a dye or radioactive isotope, that can be followed through the course of a mechanical/biological process, providing information on the pattern of events in the process or in the redistribution of the parts or elements involved.
What is a Tracer?
The act of changing from one nature, form, substance, or state into another by a series of nuclear reactions.
What is Transmutation?
The emission and propagation of waves or particles, or light, sound, radiant heat or particles emitted by radioactivity.
What is a Nuclear Reaction?
The release of a high- energy neutron by some neutron-rich
nuclei during radioactive decay.
What is Neutron Emission?
The smallest mass of a fissionable material that will
sustain a nuclear chain reaction.
What is Critical Mass?
The nuclear radiation that arises naturally from cosmic rays and from radioactive isotopes in the soil and air.
What is Background Radiation?