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What is true in chemical reactions
What do the bonds of the reactants and products do?
Bonds of the reactants are broken.
Bonds of the products are formed.
In a compound, chemical energy is contained in the ________?
What does the arrow mean in a chemical equation?
Methane, CH4, burns in oxygen gas to form water and carbon dioxide. What is the correct balanced chemical equation for this reaction?
CH4 + 2O2 -> 2H2O + CO2
In an endothermic, kJ can be found on the __________ side of the equation?
In an exothermic, kJ can be found on the ________side of the equation>
If the total amount of energy before and after a chemical reaction are the same, then energy is ________?
A log is burning in a fireplace. If the amount of oxygen reaching the log is decreased, what happens?
The reaction rate decreases and the flame is smaller.
What is true about a synthesis reaction?
Only 1 product is formed.
The coefficients in a balanced chemical equation always can express the ratio of
moles of reactants in products
Reaction rates tell you how fast
Reactants are being consumed. Products are being formed. Energy is being absorbed or released
When magnesium carbonate reacts with nitric acid, magnesium nitrate and carbonic acid form.
Carbonic acid then breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.
Which 2 types of reactions take place in this process?
Double replacement
The substances that undergo change in a chemical reaction are called _____?
What is the law of conservation of mass?
Mass cannot be created or destroyed.
In general, if the temperature of a chemical reaction is increased, the reaction rate ________?
What takes place during a redox reaction?
electrons are gained or lost
In a chemical reaction, an iron atom became the ion Fe 2+, What happened to the iron atom?
It lost electrons and was oxidized.
When most fuels burn, water and carbon dioxide are the 2 main products. Why can't you say that water and carbon dioxide are products of all combustion reactions?
Some other substances (such as Hydrogen) also burn when fuel does not contain carbon, carbon dioxide.
What is the purpose of balancing a chemical equation?
A balanced chemical equation shows that mass is conserved. The number of each type of atom in the reactants must equal the number of each type of atom in the products.