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What magazine is famous for documentary photography?
Life Magazine
Who invented roll film?
George Eastman
Who is the father of American photography?
Samuel Morse
What did Herschel invent?
What is the heart of photography?
Who is the famous war photographer?
Matthew Brady
Define depth of field.
The area in front of and behind the main subject which is in acceptable focus.
List the ways the camera is compared to the human eye.
-Shutter, lens, light sensitive area behind lens, device that controls light. The main difference between a camera and an eye is the eye is controlled by a brain.
Define photogram.
A record of light and shadow.
What factors control depth of field?
Distance from subject and f-stop
Define exposure.
Length of time light is allowed to enter the camera.
What focusing method is the most common type of camera?
Single-lens reflex
How should portrait photographs be shot?
What is the type of photograph where zone focus would be used?
Sports photos
When is a bounce flash used?
To eliminate red eye.
How long is fixer used on film?
Ten minutes
What are the two methods used to develop film?
Tray and Tank
Why do we not use the least common method?
Tank requires total darkness.
How long is developer used on film?
It depends on the temperature of the chemical- the warmer the developer, the less time you develop.
How should you care for developed negatives?
Cut into strips of 4-5 negatives and put into a protective envelope.
What is the film speed for Tri-X and TMAX film?
How does lighting affect film speed?
The higher the film speed, the less light you need
How is film speed measured?
How does sunlight affect contrast?
Brighter sun=higher contrast
What is the paper developer most commonly used?
What is the first chemical used after developer in printing?
Stop bath
How do we keep pollution out of the printing chemicals?
Rinse between every step.
How long does a print wash?
10 minutes
What is the final chemical used in printing?
How does developer work?
It dissolves silver from the film.
How long is print left in fixer?
Four minutes.
How long does paper stay in the stop bath?
5-10 seconds
What is the first layer of film?
Top coat
What is the second layer of film?
What is the third layer of film?
What is the fourth layer of film?
What is the fifth layer of film?
What is the purpose of the first layer of film?
Protective layer, made of gelatin, protects emulsion from scratches
What is the purpose of the second layer of film?
Where image is formed
What is the purpose of the third layer of film?
Holds emulsion to base
What is the purpose of the fourth layer of film?
Support layer of film
What is the purpose of the fifth layer of film?
Keep image from reflecting off back of camera
What is the main ingredient in the third layer of film?
Egg whites
Why did they have to change the substance from early photography?
The material would burn
Which two layers dissolve during developing?
Top coat and backing
What are the three classifications of filters?
What is the purpose of the polarizing filter?
What happens to film if you let it go through an X-Ray machine?
It fogs up.
What should you protect film from?
Scratches and dust.
What is grain in film?
An optical effect that looks pixely and blurry.
How does a grainy print appear?
Pixelly and blurry.
What is a filter?
Filters can affect contrast, sharpness, highlight flare, color, and light intensity. They can also create special effects.
What is the purpose of a correction filter?
To fix the color.
What is the difference in panchromatic film and orthochromatic film?
Panchromatic film is sensitive to all color, while orthographic is sensitive to only the color red.